Friday, November 21, 2008

Exciting Movie Premiere & Book Release

OMG!!! It's finally here and I'm SO excited! Twilight premiered last night (er...early this morning at 12:01AM) and I am going to see it tonight with G! Very happy. Oh, and we're going to get sushi at Earth Fare first, so another plus! It's nice to have a friend who enjoys sushi! Anyway - I'm covering the front desk all day today, so that's something different; a change of pace. New MD is out of the office today and won't be back until Dec. 1st. I've already run this by him and know he's OK with it. I've forwarded my desk phone to the front desk and have logged in to my computer remotely so I have my email and all my files and stuff... Should be good to go. The third book in the Nora Roberts Signs of Seven trilogy will be coming out next Tuesday and I'm also very excited about that! (Book 1: Blood Brothers, Book 2: The Hollow, Book 3: The Pagan Stone) G and I have decided we're taking 30 minutes at lunch and going to the book store to get our copies! I wonder if I should reserve them first? Will they fly off the shelves? Normally, I'm not a big fan of romance novels, but these are more supernatural mysteries and so, of course, they draw my interest. This last one should be really good! Something else to be excited about. Good things. All good things. TTFN JMS

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