Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday; a good day

I felt almost like Donna Reed yesterday, except without the skirt, heels and pearls. Hubby and the kids went to church in the morning, leaving me at home to bake and clean. I baked because our young adult/marriage group was getting together yesterday afternoon for some fun and fellowship. I cleaned because, well...I had two uninterrupted hours to get some stuff done that's difficult to do with two kids following behind me and tearing up everything I've just cleaned. As it was, I managed several loads of laundry, a banana/cranberry loaf and a large batch of very yummy brownies. Oh, and I whipped some cream for the brownies, but, of course, managed to forget it in the fridge when we left for the park. They (the folks in charge of the outing) had planned a treasure hunt for the kids. Kiddo had a blast following around the big kids, all of whom were sporting pirate hats, eye patches and "Billy Bob" teeth. They all looked ridiculous, but they all had a good time. At the end, the hunt revealed a plastic treasure chest buried among the bushes in the park which contained plastic gold coins, rubber bouncy balls, plastic beaded necklaces and a few other goodies. Each kid had been given a little mesh bag for their "booty" and one of the older kids, a very sweet young man approximately 13 years of age with white blond hair, directed the younger kids on how much of the "booty" they each could take. He was very efficient. (He complimented me on my brownies. He said, "Ma'am? This is my third brownie and I wanted to let you know how good they are. You did a good job. Thank you for bringing them!" I told you he was sweet!) Little Bit got one green bouncy ball and a pink necklace; she was very pleased with her haul. She wore her pirate hat on top of her purple fleece hat; she was thrilled with herself. After being outside for about 2 hours, we packed it in and went home. It was cold. The kids were tired and hungry (for real food, not snack food) and Hubby and I were ready to go. Later that night, after watching Enchanted, having eaten heartily of Lightning McQueen Spaghetti-O's with meatballs (we were kind of out of creativity for the evening meal), a bath for Little Bit (who had "soiled" herself righteously - I know, I know - TMI), and some griping from Kiddo, they were put in bed at 7:30PM. Both of them were asleep rather quickly. Then Hubby and I watched Get Smart (very funny), and I went to bed. It was a good day. TTFN JMS

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