Friday, November 07, 2008

Work, Home - Home, Work

Today is a big day at the office. It's our quarterly employee meeting. I, thankfully, have had very little to do with it this time around and G has really taken the ball and run...far and fast. Her decorations are simple (I did help with these a bit) but elegant and I think all the folks who matter will be pleased. Well...ok...everyone will be pleased. Sr. VP should be here any second and New MD is sick today so I'm sure that will change the way the presentations to just a bit. Shouldn't be a big deal, though. Just going to be very busy. I'm glad today is Friday! Last night, Kiddo and Little Bit were amazing - as always. Kiddo gave me a bit of a hard time about anything and everything he could. Hubby called and made Kiddo apologize to me for being a butt head. Ha! Little Bit is learning words hand over fist - it's pretty awesome to hear. She's beginning to speak more coherently (is that the right word?) and her vocabulary is growing every minute. Kiddo is helping her. It's quite cute to see/hear him quiz her: "[Little Bit] can you say...Fire Engine?" ...and she'll try. Sometimes she gets it exactly right the first time, other times he has to repeat the word several times before she gets it. It's still neat to have our very own language tutor in the house. Her understanding of things is growing, too. I can ask her just about any question and she'll respond appropriately. Kiddo was the same way when he was her age. It looks like we're going to have two very verbal children on our hands. Not that I mind. (Right now, I've got them all on the phone and Little Bit just told me, "I'm eating Cheerios!") Little Bit has also started becoming interested in her baby dolls - more than usual. She's rocking them to sleep in her little rocking chair, putting them to bed in the little bassinet she has (courtesy of Aunt D & GM), dressing them, undressing them, changing their diapers etc... She's very motherly with them...except she hasn't really figured out that mothers don't swing their babies by the feet into the bassinet! Anyway - all good. TTFN JMS

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