Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Miscellaneous Shorts: Take Two

I can't keep my hands off the darn keyboard. I've got a million things I should be doing today and all I can think of is what I'm going to blog about next. Yes, I'm completely addicted. **** I've had several people say, "Hey - I hear you've got a blog...what's the address?" So I've been considering a "calling" card of sorts, just with my name and contact info and blog address to pass out on these occasions. I asked my friend G if she thought this was stupid and her response was, "If by stupid you mean wicked cool - than yeah, they're stupid." I thought this was highly amusing. Of course, it doesn't happen often that someone asks me for my blog address because it's in my email signature and it's all over the web (I guess) - but it has happened and it would be nice to be able to say, "Sure - here you go!" and whip out a crisp, shiny new card with all the appropriate info. (See poll above.) **** I'm confused. Stephenie Meyer said that she needs to "feel alone" when she's writing, and now that she's got so many people putting in their two cents on Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward's perspective) she wants to put off working on it until she can find her quiet place again. I'm confused because on the one hand, I totally understand the need to have any creative efforts come from you and you alone, and not run the risk of accidentally using someone else's idea and then getting "sued" for it. (People sue for everything these days.) On the other hand, she's got so many people clamoring for more that one would think Ms. Meyer would want to continue writing Midnight Sun just to appease her ravenous fans. Which is the right decision? Which is the right course of action? I suppose only Ms. Meyer can decide. G says this probably means that Ms. Meyer will finish it when she needs more income. **** I'm planning (or attempting to plan) the New Years Eve / New Years Day celebrations at my office. We've ordered some goofy 2009 give-away stuff, some Happy New Year plastic champagne glasses, and purchased dozens of bottles of various sparkling juice-based bubbly stuff. Now I just have to order 111 pizzas (no, that number is not an exaggeration) to be delivered at various times during New Years Day and multiple fruit trays for the overnight folks on New Years Eve. Yay fun! If there isn't enough stuff (food or otherwise) don't come complaining to me - I don't wanna hear it. **** Kiddo seems to be developing an obsession with washing his hands. He's never, since day 1, liked having his hands dirty or sticky. But it seems that lately, he's asking me if he can wash his hands every 20 minutes or so. He asked me last night, and since Hubby was in the bathroom taking a shower, I told him he'd have to wait. This was definitely not something Kiddo wanted to hear and made his displeasure known by whining about it until I could ask Hubby if he could stand having a room-mate for a few minutes so said room-mate could wash his hands. Hubby said, "Again?" What is this all about? Is it a phase or is Kiddo really developing some obsessive compulsive thing...? **** Found this on the Pajama Diaries site and thought it was totally worth sharing. I'm dedicating it to all the mothers (and dads who feel likewise) I know. TTFN JMS


malfunctionology101 said...

I voted on the "calling card". Guess which way I went?

I think you need to let Kiddo be. I mean, I wash my hands everytime I pass a sink and nothings wrong with me. Oh, wait- hm. Nevermind. He's in trouble. I suggest therapy. Retail therapy, that is.

overtly trite said...

get a card! if you go to anything like blogher or blissdom the mommy cards/blogger cards are everywhere. Vista print does a nice job for not much money.
My son use to have a thing about his clothes getting dirty or if he spilled some water on them in a flash you'd turn around and he would have a complete new outfit head to toe on! if I thought I could train a toddler to do his own laundry I would have :D