Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Miscellaneous Shorts

Yesterday morning, I grabbed one black leather boot and one camel-colored suede boot. Thankfully, I looked at them carefully before I put them on and left for work. What is it with me? I'm 35 years old and still having difficulty matching my shoes. At least I get them on the right feet! **** I finally found my favorite sunglasses, missing for over a week. I readjusted my legs under my desk and realized I was feeling something with my right foot that shouldn't be there. When I looked, I discovered my sunglasses. I'm very happy to have them back because I've been using the cheap, crappy ones I hate - or none at all, which is even worse! **** What is it with people driving in the rain (or dark) with no headlights on? On my trip to SC to get SM for her Christmas visit, I was nearly into G'Ville when this car was suddenly on top of me and passing me on my left. I hadn't noticed it was there because it was dark (mostly dark, anyway) and they didn't have their lights on. Also, on the way back from G'Ville on Sunday after dropping SM off, I was driving through the mountains and encountered many, many cars without their lights on - and it was raining, steadily. I don't understand that, but maybe it is just because I drive with my headlights on all the time, even during the day. **** My friend G got her hair cut. It is so adorable and totally suits her. When my friend AKP got her hair cut at the beginning of the month, it was (and still is, of course) adorable, too. I even made an appointment to get my hair cut because I wanted my hair to be adorable - but I had to cancel the appointment for lack of funds. Maybe someday. Ooohhh...and maybe I'll get my nails done, too...since I'm dreaming. **** I've managed to gain back 8 of the 14 lbs I lost. Blasted holiday food. Well, back to the drawing board. **** Kiddo said the "S" word. When I confronted him with, "Excuse me? What did you just say young man?" He said, "Nothing!" with a big grin on his face, even though he looked slightly abashed. I said, "I don't think so. Please repeat what you said." Of course, he did, and he had, indeed, said what I thought he'd said. When I explained that it wasn't a word he could/should say/use...he responded, "Well, Daddy said it!" Yes, that's true. But Daddy is an adult and Kiddo is, well...a Kiddo. **** Little Bit is a holy terror. Everything is "Mine!" or "My turn!" or "No!" or "Hungry!" or "I wanna do it, too!" And on and on and on... She's not actually 2 yet, but she's already well into the Terribles. Lord, give me strength! :) TTFN JMS


Marsha said...

I have actually gone to work with one brown pump and one black pump. Same exact shoe, just different colors. I didn't notice until the day was practically over.
I have never lost a pair of sunglasses that is until I bought an expensive pair. I don't know where I lost them. {{sigh}}
Other people always look adorable when they get their hair cut. I feel good for a day and then I regret.
We have a no dirty word policy in our home, the kids have all tried a dirty word once or twice, they have all been good about not repeating once we explain certain words are not allowed...it has never really been an issue...you should hear the gasp that comes out of my families mouth's when I slip up and say "Good GOD almighty" Sorry if I offend. I usually say "Peanut Butter and Jelly" when I stub my toe. :)

Anonymous said...

Cousin P says: [Son] at 3 years old said to his grandfather "What the h*** are you doing?" Pretty funny, but we've tried to clean up our language since then!!