Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Bit Update OR How I Can Update My Blog with Sick Children

Little Bit is still sick. The Tylenol helps to relieve the fever and such, but she still doesn't feel well. I can tell because she cannot, for the life of her, decide what she wants to do. She wants to color, but she throws the crayons across the room and hollers, "Don't wanna color either!" She wants to be held, but as soon as you pick her up, she screams to be let down again. She wants to eat, but doesn't want anything you give her and only says "Yes!" to something you don't actually have because you never thought she'd say "Yes!" to it in the first place! She needs a diaper change, but yells about not needing it changed through the entire changing process. Poor Hubby dealt with her all day yesterday, and today, it's my turn. Yay! This morning she woke up around 6:30 with the fever raging again. I didn't even bother to take her temp because I could feel the heat rising off of her in waves. I got her some Tylenol, which I almost had to force down her throat, and then we rocked for a little while in her room. I was nodding off sitting in that uncomfortable wooden rocker, so I collected Little Bit, her blankie, her bunny, and various other things she needed to bring with her, and we retreated back to my room and my comfy bed. We snuggled well and happily and before I knew it, Little Bit was snoring like a champ. Woo Hoo! I got another hour of sleep! Meanwhile: Kiddo was awake and playing quietly in his room (so far, he's exhibiting no signs of feeling badly) and Hubby was wandering around getting ready for an early and long day of work. Now it's 9:30 and they are both fed. Kiddo is happily playing at the dining table with the generic play-doh that Hubby found at Sam's Club and being really super good. Little Bit is on her belly on the rug in the living room using her triangle crayons and a pad of lined paper and coloring quietly. Of course, the goodness and quiet happening right now only meant one thing: I got to check email and update my blog! Hopefully this sickness will only last another day or two. Poor kid. TTFN JMS PS: Just as I finished typing "JMS" - Little Bit just came running into the room and made a bee-line for me. She threw her arms around me and said, "I love oou Momma!" I told her how much I loved her too, commented that her head felt much cooler, and then she said, "Let's dance, Momma!" Now we're listening to "Witch Doctor" - "Ooo eee ooo aahh aahh ting tang walla walla bing bang!"


Kathy McG said...

I know you and your hubby are exhausted, but it sounds like she is on the road to recovery! I hope so!

Leon Basin said...

Hey, hopefully it all works out.