Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quick Saturday Post

Yay! It's Saturday! Kiddo slept in our room last night, per his request, and Hubby slept on the couch and Kiddo's bed respectively. Sometime around 1AM, Little Bit woke up hollering. She didn't really want anything except to hang out with me. I tried rocking her; no good. I tried having her snuggle in bed with Kiddo and me; no good there, either. After several different attempts, I finally just dumped her unceremoniously back in her bed and let her holler. She yelled for about 15 more minutes, and then slept through until morning. This took about 1.5 hours! Kiddo had a restless night, too. After LB settled down, and I was sound asleep again, I was awakened by a loud "THUD" and then crying. I knew immediately what had happened; Kiddo fell out of our bed! Our bed is nearly 4 feet off the ground, so this was quite a fall! He bumped his head and cried some, but was asleep again about 20 minutes later. Poor kid. He's got a goose-egg sized lump on his noggin this morning, and complains that it's uncomfortable if I mess with it, but otherwise seems to be OK. Then I got up, did some dishes and made bacon and pancakes. I don't do this as nicely and swiftly and professionally as Hubby (he makes his from scratch and they are just the most wonderful pancakes you've ever eaten); I used that Bisquick Shake-n-Pour stuff. It does the job, but certainly doesn't even come close to being homemade! I burned the bacon. Of course, I like it that way, but Hubby, Kiddo and LB don't. I didn't mean to burn it... Now Hubby has gone to work and Kiddo and Little Bit and I are getting ready for a trip to Wally World. Yay fun! Kiddo dressed himself this morning and he did a perfect job!!! So proud of him. Well, here's to a wonderful Saturday! TTFN JMS


Cloud Nine Creations said...

Ha! This sounds like a day in the life of my family too! My kiddo is 5 years old and the baby in the family (he has 3 older siblings).

Oh, and we went to wally world yesterday too after being in hibernation from the ice storm - it was CHAOS! Even more so than usual. Hope yours wasn't too crazy!

Take care!

Hugs ~ Claudia

Cloud Nine Creations said...

P.S. Your kids are adorable!!