Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday '09

Yippee. Wow. Hooray. I'm so enthused I could jump for...well, my health. You know, football and I - not the greatest of friends. I prefer basketball, and college basketball at that. So the current and ongoing game between Arizona and Pittsburgh just really isn't that interesting. I'm routing for the Cardinals, though - just because they're behind but also because I don't want to listen to JF tomorrow if they lose. He's got a red bird on the white board in his cube, so I'm guessing maybe he's pro-Cardinal? Kiddo fell asleep on the couch watching football with Hubby. It was kinda cute. Hubby and Kiddo snuggled up on the couch doing guy things like grunting and saying, "Go Team!" The next thing I know, Kiddo is fast asleep. Little Bit was all wound up today after being sick - again - on Saturday. I took them to Wally World and while we were there, she started looking pale and her eyes had a red tinge to them around the edges that made her look like she'd been crying; she had not. She fell asleep in the car on the way home (maybe a 10 minute drive, if that) and after I transferred her from the car to her Dora bed, she slept for 2 solid hours. When she woke up, I took her temperature and sure enough, 100.1°. She was pretty listless the rest of the day, even though I began the Tylenol thing again. We kept her home from Church today, even though she seemed to be feeling better. Kiddo and I went; I had to teach Sunday School. (Miss NL thought she had to teach, too - so we both did it. I actually learned quite a lot because of Miss NL's experience with teaching. I really don't have that much of it so it was very good for me to have her there, too!) Anyway - I guess that's probably about it. I'm writing for the sake of writing and it's February 1st so I just cannot miss posting on the first of February. Why? Not a clue. TTFN JMS

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Karrie said...

I think the game has gotten more interesting since you posted this. I hope you are still watching!
Hope your daughter feels better.