Tuesday, January 06, 2009

That's One Elegant Mommy!

Is there such a thing as an "Elegant Mommy?" If there is, I would really love to be one. Here's what I mean: This morning, I had the rare opportunity of dropping my kids off at school. Hubby had to work early and I had a mid-morning doctor's appointment (routine follow-up, nothing special) so I stayed home to take care of the kids. I dressed in a clean pair of blue jeans, a long-sleeve Race for the Cure T-Shirt, and sneakers. Over that, I had my new, red, wool coat. I'm telling you I was quite the fashion statement. (That's sarcasm folks...sarcasm, ya know?) Anyway - I arrived at the kids' school and noticed that every single other mommy there was dressed similarly: Jeans, an easy-to-wear shirt of some kind, sneakers or slip-on shoes. Only one or two had a jacket on. The nicest-dressed mommy there was wearing jeans, sneakers and a pretty sweater! I want to be the "Elegant Mommy" who shows up to drop her kids off at school wearing what I am now wearing to work! It's a beautiful pair of wide-legged pants with a cuff, a gorgeous blue short-sleeve turtle neck, a black 3/4 length sweater, jewelry and black heels. I want to waltz in looking all put together, drop my kids in their respective classes, get the requisite hugs and kisses from my babies and breeze out again, leaving everyone to wonder about Kiddo's and Little Bit's oh-so-stylish mommy. Not gonna happen. Ever. TTFN JMS


G said...

Never say never. And you are the oh-so stylish mommy- I can attest for those who dont see you at work:)

Oneofeach said...

While I see your point, I would like to add that I want my kids to have the cool mommy that all the other kids wish their mommy was like...yeah, I know, stupid

Anonymous said...

Hey stylish mommy... you forgot to sign them in on the clipboard eh. LOL!