Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wishing for Snow

I just commented on someone else's blog, and as I was writing, I realized it might be a good blurb for my own. She was talking about the fact that it has been snowing where she lives, how the snow changes the sound, either amplifying or muffling it, how she actually enjoys shoveling snow, and how they - wherever they are - should be getting more snow. I commented that I had hoped to wake up this morning to find at least an inch of the white stuff and that the Evil Weatherman had gotten my hopes up only to let me down with a resounding "THUD" once again.
No snow.
It's not even really cold out - and I drive a car with no heat for goodness sake!
I can pray for snow. I can pretend that I know an ancient snow dance and perform it for the amusement of my children. I can turn my pajamas inside out hoping that it might do something, anything, to entice the snow to fall. I can try to pretend snow doesn't exist, or stop looking for it all together; because, you know, as soon as you stop looking for something you find it...right? Is waiting for snow like watching water boil?
My kids haven't really seen snow. Well, Kiddo probably has, having visited CT with me once in the wintertime, but Little Bit has never seen real snow. She's seen flakes, but really doesn't understand what snow is. I said to Little Bit last night, "Guess what? It might snow tonight!!" I put all the excitement I could muster into this and, to my great amusement, she squirmed happily in my arms, gasped her baby gasp, widened her beautiful blue eyes, and said breathlessly, "Oh! I go put my coat on, Mommy!"
The only thing that doesn't excite me about snow is the shoveling. But, since we get so very little snow here (in my estimation, that is), I suppose I don't even have to worry about it.
So, here's to all the folks who are shoveling themselves out today...wherever they are. And, here's to all the folks who are shaking their fists at the sky, wishing for snow that didn't come. And, here's to all the folks who are silently (or vocally) relieved that the snow left us alone again.
It's January. There should be snow!!!


Samantha said...

I can totally understand your craving for snow. Those of us that originated in the northeast part of the country have a sentimental spot in our hearts for snow. It flurried only once or twice in the entire time I lived down there. Each time I giggled like a school girl and ran outside to stand in the falling snow because I knew it would only last 10 minutes or so. Snow makes me happy. Even now..... living in NY, with dirty, slushy, icey snow filling the streets, I still love snow. You're welcome to come visit me anytime and get your snow fix :-)

Anonymous said...

At this point, I'd be really happy with a foot of snow instead of 1/2 inch of ice. Took 25 minutes this morning to resurrect my car so I could drive to work. And that was with windshield washer fluid - the winter kind - and full blast heat inside the car. Oh well, it surely is pretty to look at. JR