Monday, February 16, 2009

The FINGER Incident OR Another Stupid Jen Injury

Do you remember this post from back in September? What I have now dubbed "The Foot Incident..." Also, do you remember this more recent post about short vs. long posts? Yeah, well, they're now nicely connected. A) I managed a stupid injury to the ring finger of my left hand and am now sporting a splint, which is a lovely fashion accessory, and B) I can now only type by hunting and pecking. It's amazing how one's typing skills go to you-know-where when one hand (er...finger) is injured. Long story short (because I don't have the skill to type the entire story) we spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon with our marriage/bible study group from church at the home of one of the couples who hosted a fun bar-b-que for the group members and their families. It really was a lot of fun! (Although, on a separate note, I'm amazed by how many people there didn't know the green things we brought were called AVOCADOS!!! But that's another story.) Anyway, one of the ladies in our group brought her 2 sons (one of whom is in my Sunday school class) and their short, stout, sweet, strong bulldog, Rosco. Her youngest son was trying to hold Rosco's leash while attempting to swing at the same time, and because Rosco is so solid, the boy wasn't getting too far on the swing. I offered to hold the dog's leash so the boy (this is the one in my class) could swing unencumbered. Little Bit and I spent a few minutes loving on Rosco, who really is a sweet thing. He's a rescue dog and therefore probably very grateful to have a family that loves him and 2 boys to run around with. Eventually, the older boy (the big brother) got off the swing and decided to start tossing his football around. I was busy with Little Bit and Rosco who were very sweetly getting to know one another - lots of kisses and grinning and giggling! I saw Rosco stiffen, perk up, and then before I knew what was happening, he took off as fast as his short little legs could carry him across the yard to retrieve the football just thrown by his owner's oldest son! The leash, which was wrapped around my left hand, got taught almost instantly and I knew enough not to try to hold on to the thing for fear of injury, but even though I let go of the leash, it still managed to get wrapped around my finger and when Rosco hit the end of his tether going full-tilt toward the football, it jerked the tip of my finger, twisted it, and it popped...twice! Needless to say, there's quite a lot of bruising and swelling and pain. I do not know if it is broken because I have not had it x-rayed yet, but it's definitely sore, definitely purple, definitely swollen and definitely uncomfortable. Hubby bought a splint and some tape and stuff to wrap it up, along with an ice pack and we've doctored it as best as we can. The plan is to see what it's like this afternoon (24 hours after The Finger Incident) and if it has not stopped swelling or if the bruising is any worse, then I'll head to the clinic to get an x-ray. I think it's probably not broken, but maybe either sprained or dislocated - but it still hurts and I'm still feeling foolish. What is it with me and stupid accidents? Happy Monday! TTFN JMS (PS: The "S" key is particularly hard to type considering it's the "home" key where the injured finger is supposed to rest and, though I'm going to use the spell-check feature, I am making no guarantees that I've (PPS: It took me nearly 30 minutes to type this...) (PPPS: I guess this post isn't really all that short, is it?)


Pearl said...

My dear, dear girl... I'm going to buy you a JMS-sized bubble. You are too clumsy for your own good!

Cloud Nine Creations said...

Oh no! Hope that heals up soon! On a lighter note, I read your "Secret Life of Socks" post that you sent me a link to on my blog. I loooooved it! I left you a comment. I was so entertained.

You rock.

Hugs ~ Claudia

Georgie B said...

Bummer about the finger.

I hope you aren't left handed.

Allie said...

Oh no! Feel better!