Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I got a "Fabulous Blog Award!" Isn't that awesome?

I'm going to call her my friend, because there's no other way to describe her - though we've never met face-to-face. (I seem to have several "friends" in this capacity, and it's just the best!) But, Emma (yes, I'm using her real name because I know I can and that she won't be upset with me) and her blog, Fine Little Love (a.k.a. Light & Writing), gave me an award for my blog! I'm so pleased with this I can't even tell you! I start my day spending about 15 minutes catching up with the folks I blog with and was so pleasantly surprised to see this:
"I wanted to pass this onto Jennifer and her Random Ramblings! She is the sweetest and writes her life in a line of wonderful short stories that make you laugh, love, and see life's little adventures as fun amusement park rides. Truly, go read! (p.s. she also helps save animals, whats not fabulous about that?!)"
I've never recieved an award for my blog before and this really made my heart swell! Thank you, Emma - for truly making my day. I'd like to pass this award on to a couple other folks who I know, because not only do I think this will also make their day, but it will make me feel good, too! Claudia @ Cloud Nine Creations Jewelry: Her blog is filled with wonderfully creative things and such witty and fun humor and I just love it! She's another of my blogger-friends-that-I've-never-met-face-to-face, but it really doesn't matter - I think the world of her! And, she does pretty much the same type of work I do, so I think we're pretty similar creatures! Archeobot @ Dances with Hippopotami: She's just gotten back into the swing of things with her blogging after being absent from the blogging world for almost a year! I know that her life is filled with busy things and daily frustrations, but her writing is wonderful and her humor just kills me. Some of the things she finds and posts, to share with the rest of the world, are just amazing and I've often wondered where she comes up with this stuff! Sunday's Pearl @ Practicing Poetry: She's a real-live friend, whom I see nearly every day and someone who makes my life just that much more fun and interesting. I love her style and I love her poetry and her brain is as warped as mine, which makes us perfectly compatible in the friend department! I had intended to write about the fact that my wonderfully talented Hubby revived "The Beast" and, though there are still a few things left to be done with it, it is now drivable again, and insured! I'm talking about the 1990 Volvo 240 Station Wagon that's been sitting and "rotting" in our back yard for a year. I'll talk more about this another time, though - but it looks like I may be able to have a car with heat and a working speedometer after all, without us having to "buy" a new one! I think it's great! And, no car payments! But seriously - check out the above blogs - and especially look at Light and Writing, because she posts some of the most lovely things and I daily look forward to the light she brings to my morning! Have a wonderful Wednesday! TTFN JMS


Sunday's Pearl said...

Yaaaay! You received an award!!! Much deserved sweetheart!

Karrie said...

Congrats!! Your blog is a lot of fun to read!
I love light and writings blog! They are all good but I have to say light and writings is a favorite of mine.

Allie said...


Maggie May said...

Congratulations! and no car payment=awesome

Light and Writing said...

Jennifer, you deserve! And yes friend works perfectly! Yay!