Thursday, February 19, 2009

Countryside Tire and Auto Service: Shameless Plug

Admittedly - this is a shameless plug for a friend. And, although he doesn't know I'm doing this, I think he'd be pleased (well...I hope he'd be pleased) to know that I think highly enough of him, and his mechanical abilities, to pass the word along to those I know, and those who stumble across my blog. Those that read my blog regularly have seen me mention Our Favorite Mechanic before. He is not only our mechanic, but also our friend. He and his stunning wife and their two absolutely beautiful daughters came into our lives shortly after they moved here and started coming to activities at our church. (Personally, I don't get to see them as often as I'd like; they are such wonderful people and I just love them. But Hubby gets to visit "The Shop" occasionally and also goes to the movies with "The Guys" when the mood strikes them to see something action-packed!) Now normally, I don't use actual names and places on my blog because I don't want to put anyone at risk of having their personal information fall into the hands of unsavory characters. (Don'tcha just love that!? Unsavory characters...) But I thought today I would break from that mold and do a plug for Our Favorite Mechanic and his business. Please remember that he has not asked me to do this and that I am doing this because I think so highly of him and his family. Anyway - Our Favorite Mechanic is the owner of Countryside Tire and Auto Service in Oak Ridge, TN. It's a small, family-owned, business that, though I really can't speak to this factually, is probably struggling in these difficult economic times. He's honest, has integrity coming out of his ears, and he and his crew (whom Hubby and I affectionately refer to as "The Guys") can fix just about anything! If you're looking for a good, reliable, and reasonably-priced mechanic, it's a good bet you'll find what you're looking for at Countryside Tire and Auto Service. Now for the fun part! Here's the business card I did for him almost 2 years ago! Give them a call. Just ask for Scott and tell him I sentcha! (Not that we've got anything worked out, but he might like to know where his business comes from or who sent whom in his direction!)

Of course, I'll make certain he knows I did this so that when the masses of people needing their cars fixed start showing up at his shop all vying for service he won't be surprised! Happy Thursday! TTFN JMS


Light and Writing said...

very sweet of you!
p.s. very nice on the alt number thingy. (little golf clap)

Elizabeth said...

We love country side auto...our vue is there right now getting its 100,000 mile checkup! I also love that you have a move the piano funny!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely call if I'm in the area! That was nice of you by the way... = ) Good friend!

Hugs ~ Claudia