Monday, February 09, 2009

It's Monday again - after a lovely weekend!

You know, I should have sat down on Saturday evening and written a post, because Saturday was a very good day for stuff to write about, but now that it's Monday, and I've slept some, I can't remember all the things I wanted to say! The only thing I really remember was spending an hour on my knees with a flashlight and a kitchen knife scraping an unknown, dried-on, substance off the inside back of the clothes dryer. Just picture me, with my a** hanging out of the dryer, nearly crying in frustration as I tried to dislodge the somewhat sticky pink stuff off so that we wouldn't have to purchase another dryer; so that the one we had would be safe to dry the rest of our laundry in without leaving a pink residue on our good clothes! I thought it was probably Silly Putty. It had the consistency of Silly Putty that had been washed, melted, dried and cooled. I thought maybe Kiddo's Silly Putty had gotten on one of the dog's blankets that Hubby kindly washed and that it somehow wound up in the dryer, happily melting and smoothing it's slightly-pink self all over the place! Then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized it couldn't possibly be Silly Putty; the color was too pink. Later, to my horror, I found that the training underpants I'd gotten for Little Bit (which said, clear as day, that I could tumble them dry!!!) had melted!!! Needless-to-say, they wound up in the trash. Money wasted. I've half a mind to write the company and complain bitterly that they lie!!! I want my $5.00 back, dammit! Maybe I should just tell them that I want a new dryer - do you think they'd pay for that? So after I'd given Kiddo what-for about leaving his Silly Putty in a place where it could wind up in the dryer, and after he'd apologized to me for having left said Putty in a place where it could wind up in the dryer, I wound up apologizing to him for having falsely accused him. (Did that make sense?) Hey, I own up to it when I screw up. Then, I woke up on Sunday morning with a kink in my neck. It was so bad I couldn't turn my head to the left at all; I had to turn my entire body if I wanted to look in that direction. What a pain in the neck - literally! It's better this morning, but still quite painful. Then, I screwed my diet by obliging Hubby at 8PM last night and making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Hey, a chef's gotta taste, right? Gotta make sure it all comes out OK, right? However, after being so good on my food intake for the long it's stomach is in absolute turmoil today. I'm back to my yogurt and grapefruit today so hopefully I will feel better quickly. Other than that, Kiddo, Little Bit and I spent a lovely Sunday evening outside playing in the almost warm weather! Little Bit spent a goodly portion of her outside time on her swing and Kiddo rode his John Deere tractor up and down the back yard. It was such fun! Oh, and I took a pretty cool picture of the moon through the trees last night. I was inspired by Paprika's Perch and her Moon Over Connecticut post. I like it, but it didn't exactly turn out the way I'd intended it to! Happy Monday! TTFN JMS


overtly trite said...

I would totally shoot off at least an email to the company they could at the very least send you a free pair or two!

Karen Dypolt said...

I could really use some of those cookies right now. Would be comfort food.

Trying to see if you recieved an email i sent to you earlier. Comcast has been so messed up since they are changing the email system. I just wanted to make sure.


Karrie said...

Thank you so much for including me in your post!! The picture doesn't look the same...hmmm? Still kind of cool tho.
I was outside all day on sunday myself and loving it! It was just a tease tho and I am really bummed about that but that is ok..Spring is coming!!!! Can't wait to get out in the garden and get dirty..LOL
Also I would write them a letter! Whats the worst that will happen..they ignore you? I bet they won't. They want money so they want you to come back. If you do write it make sure you post it!
Thanks again! :)

Georgie B said...

Such dedication. :-]

Fire off that two page missive to the company and give them what for.

Might not get anything out of the company, but you will get personal satisfaction.

Light and Writing said...

Love this post Jenn! You tell stories so well! And I think the Moon picture is very good!

Allie said...

Oh man! They melted? That is awful!