Friday, February 06, 2009

Little Bit & the night of no sleep - almost

Today begins anew. (Aw...look at me trying to be poetic when I'm tired and cold and completely unmotivated!) Little Bit was extremely difficult to get to bed last night. She hollered, "Mo-om, where are oou!?" over and over last night. Hubby turned down Herbie Fully Loaded and said, "Listen to her! She sounds like a broken record!" Which was entirely true, and somewhat funny. Hubby finally went and got her after 20 minutes of this repetitive yelling and she watched the rest of the movie with us. Of course, for being almost 2, she was less than quiet and Kiddo, who fell asleep with no trouble at all, slept through the entire thing! Finally, after she'd started screaming - and I mean true crying - while Hubby was holding her I said, "That's it - bedtime for Bonzo!" and took her from him. We rocked for a few minutes and then I stuck her in bed and said, "Time for sleep, little girl!" with as much force as I could muster. This was just after 10PM! Her normal bed-time is between 7:30 PM & 8:00 PM. "OK," says she, "Where's my blankie?" I handed her her blankie (she is her mother's daughter, after all!) and she curled up and I didn't hear another sound from her. Thank goodness. I feel quite tired today, and my eyes look like someone punched me (they're all puffy and have dark circles under them) but I guess I feel OK. I'm quite thrilled that it is Friday. This week has been very busy and I'm looking forward to being able to stay home for a couple of days with no obligations other than my children and the laundry, that is once again threatening to gobble up the house. Oh, monstrous entity that it is. (There I go, waxing poetic again. I'd better stop before my fuzzy brain starts thinking that it can actually compose anything worth a hoot today.) TTFN JMS

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