Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another JMS Invitation Creation

My friend reminded me that I had done her invitations back in 2005! I can't believe I'd forgotten, but I did... She scanned a copy of one of her invitations and emailed it to me with the understanding that I would post it on my blog. I've blacked out some of the information (for anonymity purposes). This one was done back when I was just starting this invitation thing and is probably not one of my better ones, but my friend said, "Oh I loved them. They were absolutely perfect!!!" 4 years later, that still makes me feel good! They wanted something fun and casual and after several discussions with the bride and groom, this is what we came up with! TTFN JMS

1 comment:

rightonmom said...

I really like that invitation, simple yet elegant! Very nice blog ya got here! Will be back!