Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clint Eastwood & Yoda? OR What is to become of me?

One of my favorite movies was on AMC last night: In the Line of Fire with Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich. I really really love this movie. It's so good and Malkovich is so creepy! (I guess he's just creepy anyway, right?) Of course, Clint is always Clint - and though he plays his typical surly character, he's got a sense of humor, too. And there's a strange love story wound up in the whole thing, but that's not the reason I like it. It's just a good movie. Anyway - I wanted to watch this movie. I mean I really wanted to watch this movie. I got about 1/2 way through and found myself being nudged awake by Hubby who said, "Um, don't you think you should go to bed?" "But I really want to watch this movie!" I whine at him. "But you're sleeping!" he responds. Yeah, so what? I think to myself... However, like the dutiful wife that I am (?), I haul my tired butt off the couch and stumble to bed. Head hits the pillow and I remember no more until this morning, when Hubby again nudges me awake and says, "Um, don't you think you should get up?" "But I really want to sleep!" I whine at him. "But you have to go to work!" he responds. Yeah, so what? I think to myself... However, like the dutiful employee that I am (?), I haul my warm, comfy, sleepy body out of bed and stumble around the house attempting to get dressed without waking the entire family. Little Bit opened her door and said, "Mommy, rock me, please?" I rocked her for a few minutes, nearly falling asleep again myself, even while sitting in an uncomfortable wooden rocker freezing my tush off. There's something about a warm sleepy baby with her head on your chest that is like a hot water bottle next to you in bed while you're feeling lousy. (I don't really think that made much sense, do you?) Somehow, I managed to not only get Little Bit back to sleep, but I was able to get dressed, out the door, and all the way to work before my shift started! Hubby emailed me this morning to make sure I got here OK and on time. I told him that yes, I did get here on time thanks to him. The following email exchange took place: Hubby: "Strong with the force am I." Me: "Thanks, Yoda!" Hubby: "Tributes are not necessary…it is balance that Jedi seeks. Only then…a master you will be." Me: "Sigh. Balance is something I DEFINITELY do not have. I guess I'll never be a master, will I?" TTFN JMS PS: Oh, and the reason I didn't get up at the crack of dawn this morning is because my tired butt forgot to set the alarm last night when I fell into bed! Go figure, eh?


Sunday's Pearl said...

If you ever feel like your life is boring, I'm going to make you re-read all your posts.
Tons of xo!

Paulie said...

Balance is good and all, but even that should be practiced in moderation.

What am I? A fortune cookie?

G said...

Sounds like you defintely ain't a morning person.

Perhaps someone who would rather get up at the crack of noon or so?

Maggie May said...

this sounds sooo familiar!

i love john malchovitch, even though i can't spell his name :)