Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday's Flights of Fancy

Not wanting to take anything away from the focus on Kiddo yesterday, I decided to post several things I would have posted otherwise. **** Yesterday, I ran into two gentlemen at my office that I haven't seen for a while. They're the VP/General Manager & Operations Manager, respectively, of one of the vendors we use on-site. One of them saw me coming down the hall, stopped short and said, "Hey! My goodness! You're about 1/2 the person you were the last time I saw you! You look great!" Of course, this made me feel quite good. It's nice to have my weight loss validated by someone who doesn't see me every day. **** Kiddo, Little Bit and I spent some time on Wednesday night "crafting." It was an all-out disaster mess, but I didn't care. I covered our dining table with an old and already-stained table cloth of unknown material, gave them some paper, paint brushes, my watercolor paints and said, "Here. Have at it, kids!" They sure did. They each painted 2 "pictures" and had a fabulous time making the table cloth hate me. Oh well, I can live with table cloth revenge; couldn't hurt much. **** And speaking of "crafting" I feel I must mention, with due excitement, that I made my first sale on Etsy yesterday! My cousin in NY bought 7 (yes...7...s-e-v-e-n) of my cards. I'm so happy about this, and so grateful to my cousin. I guess it seems silly to be so excited about making a sale, but it sure does feel good. I just hope that when she gets the cards, she likes them even more in person than she did from a bad picture online. In other words, I hope the cards live up to the hype. (Not sure that made sense, but there it is...) **** Oh - and something else craft-related. (Sorry, I'm deeply involved now, so you'll probably hear some variation of the word "craft" a lot.) I was able to secure 3 discontinued wallpaper books! This means I'll have some really neat patterns to add to my cards! Very excited about this, too! **** I got suckered (no...tortured) into helping with VBS again this year. My friend DS isn't going to hear the end of this. Of course, I really do enjoy this kind of thing, but honestly - I'm just tired. Once I get into it, though, I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun, and seeing something like that come together is always gratifying.'s for the kids. Sigh. TTFN JMS

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