Friday, March 27, 2009

I guess I'm not done yet...

Yes - there is more!
1) My wonderful, spontaneous Hubby sent me FLOWERS!!! For absolutely NO REASON at all except to "brighten my day!"
The card didn't say who they were from, but there were several "clues" that led me to believe it was Hubby; not the least of which was the fact that there are 4 (count 'em...4) yellow roses in the arrangement! I adore yellow roses!
He was messing with me, because when I called to thank him for the flowers, he played dumb - which actually only served to irritate me. I couldn't imagine anyone else I know sending me flowers - especially secretly and for no special reason! But as soon as Hubby denied any knowledge of them, my brain started trying to come up with someone, anyone, who might have sent them.
I actually got most of the info I needed from Hubby, but I still called the florist and sweet-talked my friend over there into giving Hubby up. My florist friend wondered if Hubby would be mad, but I said, "No, and if for some reason he is, I'll give him what for!"
2) Kiddo really enjoyed his birthday yesterday. He got a Razor scooter, elbow, knee & wrist pads (he's already got a helmet), a baseball cap, a pair of Power Rangers sunglasses, and several neat things from my mother. He was so excited about the elbow, knee & wrist pads that his scooter - for whatever reason - seemed to take a back seat. He struggled with the pads, trying to put them on himself and figure out which pad went on what arm, knee... He's still learning to read and he got very frustrated because, though he knew that the "L" meant left, and he knows which is his Right hand, he was having trouble combining all that information and making it work. There were some tears involved, and very nearly a complete breakdown, where I finally threatened to take it all away from him and make him go to bed. I guess, really, the problem was the fact that he'd had birthday cake, so he was on a sugar high and then, shortly thereafter, a major crash. But all-in-all, he had a good day and is very very happy to finally be 5 years old!
PS: What is it "supposed to mean" when your palm itches?
PPS: See those three wallpaper books in the first pic of Kiddo? I'm going to have to take some pictures of my favorite ones and post them because some of them are just so awesome and I'm so inspired!


overtly trite said...

aww I love when my hubs sends flowers for no reason at all!

Chester's Mom said...

Random flowerings ROCK!
Looks like a good start to the weekend!

Palm itching means that you will receive $$$.
Either that or you are allergic to the flowers.

Let's hope for the first.

Happy Weekending!
Chester's Mom

Paulie said...

I believe if the right palm itches money is coming your way and if your left palm itches someone is coming to visit you. Not sure about left palm but I think that's right.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love the "just because" flowers? They are the sweetest!

Happy Birthday to Kiddo, sorry I'm late on wishing it, you know how behind I've been lately! Playing catch-up...

Oh and an itchy palm usually means you have some money coming to you! (most likely more etsy sales since you're rockin)!!

Hugs ~ Claudia