Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Kiddo!!!

Today is Kiddo's 5th Birthday. I'm finding myself very nostalgic. I spent several minutes going through some old pictures of him when he was just a little guy, so I thought I'd share them. I think these were all taken before he was a year old. Dig the spiky hair and chubby baby face! Happy Birthday, my buddy. My friend. My love. My light. My son. I love you.


Light and Writing said...

How sweet! I hope he has a good day! The third from the bottom (all surprised and wide eyed)is the best!

Karrie said...

Happy Birthday Kiddo!!!!!!!
The pictures are great!! I found it almost sad going threw all those "old" pics and remembering how small Thomas was! They grow up soooo damn fast! Enjoy the day and please give him a big hug and kiss for me!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHAY,KIDDO! I love the pictures. ait until UB sees them!

LOVE, HUGS, and KISSES..............

AC and UB

Allie said...

Oh! So cute! I hope you and your family have a wonderful time celebrating today!

Chester's Mom said...

Happy 5 years, Kiddo!
A little piece of advice from your buddy Chester: You can get away with all kinds of stuff today, 'cuz it's your birthday and nobody will get mad at you.

Mom says you sure are a cutie-pa-toot-tee!

Woofs and birthday cake slobbers!

Pee. Ess. What's a cutie-pa-toot-tee?

Paulie said...

Happy birthday Kiddo!

Mike said...

Gosh, has it been five years since I walked into the hospital room with my full-body cover outfit (blue, I think it was) and saw you and a very small Charlie.

Now it's off to kindergarten in the fall and the next part of the adventure begins.