Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kiddo's First Bike Ride, Ducks, Ice Cream, & Bunnies

We had such fun last night! When I got home, Hubby went outside and mowed the lawn. Ok...not really fun, I grant you. Then he put training wheels on Kiddo's 2-wheeler bicycle; a perfect-condition hand-me-down that was my nephew's when he was Kiddo's age. (Oh, my nephew is now 16 and driving!!!) Then Hubby came inside, told us all to get shoes and jackets on; we were leaving. The chaos of getting ready to leave the house ensued, but we were ready in short order (for us) and all packed safely in The Beast headed down to the marina to the walking trail and play park! Kiddo donned his helmet and climbed right on! Not entirely sure why he's got his front wheel jammed into the back wheel of The Beast, but... While Hubby spent some time adjusting the seat and handle bars, to make sure they were comfortable for Kiddo, Little Bit and I went over to the lake to look at the geese and ducks. They're very brave, brazen things that hiss at you if you get too close. Little Bit is not afraid - no, not at all - and charged right up to a huge white goose. The goose hissed at her and she laughed her goofy, high-pitched laugh, turned to me and said, "Mommy! That bird is funny!" Yep - that bird is funny. He'll eat you, sweetheart! Ha! So we spent some time looking at the geese and the ducks, and came across a couple of the Muscovy Ducks that always amuse me. They've got the funniest faces and seem so full of expression. They look at you as if they understand every, single word you say to them. (Yes, I do talk to ducks. They listen, even if they do not respond. And ducks aren't the only animals I talk to. I talk to my dog like she's human and I know she can understand me. Does that make me crazy? Who cares, right?) The Muscovy Duck in the first picture was wagging it's tail!!! It was waddling right toward us, Little Bit and me, wagging it's tail like it was pleased to see us! The Muscovy Duck in the second picture was even funnier! I think it thought that if it stood still enough, I wouldn't be able to see it! Like a little kid hiding their face behind their hands; I can't see you, therefore, you must not be able to see me. (Kid logic? Duck logic? Are they one and the same?) See how it's webbed feet are crossed on top of one another? This one is bigger than the first one and its waddle is so much more pronounced it makes me wonder if the crossed feet aren't natural, that maybe this duck has been injured? Oh, and I like the spiky feathers on top of his head, too. See? They are funny, aren't they? Anyway - enough about the ducks. Though they do amuse me, I'm not here to talk about them, am I? I'm here to talk about Kiddo's First Bike Ride! Ok, so the bike had training wheels, but it fit him, you know? He's gotten so big that he can't fit on the tricycle anymore and so it isn't fun. This "new" little red bike fits him perfectly, and even more so after Hubby adjusted the seat and handle bar. Well, wouldn't you know it, Kiddo took to riding his bicycle like a fish takes to swimming. He had such a blast! We wandered down the road in the park toward the peninsula that juts out to divide the cove from the lake, where the round-about and the flag pole are. Kiddo rode around and around forever, just getting the hang of things. Then we headed back the way we came and while Little Bit and I hung out at the park, Kiddo and Hubby went on down the trail. Little Bit spent a happy 30 minutes swinging, climbing, sliding and getting to know another little girl there who was just her age. We had a wonderful time, but eventually, I could tell that Little Bit was getting tired and I started looking down the trail for Kiddo and Hubby returning from their adventure. Little Bit and I headed off in the general direction Kiddo and Hubby had gone, hoping we'd find them sooner than later. I asked one lady, "Excuse me, did you see a little guy on a red bike with training wheels down there?" She had, and happily pointed me in the right direction. When we found Hubby and Kiddo, Little Bit told me she wanted ice cream. (No, I did not suggest this to her...she came up with it on her own!) So off to BR we went! Hubby doesn't really like BR, but I do. I was hoping they'd have that Daiquiri Ice stuff I like so much, but they did not, so I settled for the next best thing: vanilla on a sugar cone with chocolate sprinkles. Little Bit had birthday cake ice cream. Kiddo had pistachio ice cream (he made me eat the nuts, though). Hubby had a chocolate shake. So we went out for ice cream to celebrate Kiddo's inaugural ride on his "new" red 2-wheel bicycle! It was lots and lots of fun and both kids fell asleep within minutes of hitting their pillows; they were silent all night. I guess that's the way to do it, huh? Run 'em until they're exhausted? **** On another note, I finished my latest project. It was a little bunny made from 2 of Little Bit's receiving blankets. 2 button eyes, a button nose, a sewn mouth and a yellow and white polka-dot bow made from the ribbon around the vase of the flowers Hubby sent
me on Friday! It's pretty cute and it's completely hand-sewn. I don't think I'd know what to do with a sewing machine if I had one! I'm going to post it on my Etsy shop later today, so we'll see what happens! Happy Tuesday, everybody! TTFN JMS


Sunday's Pearl said...

You weren't kidding! That does sound like fun!!!

Oneofeach said...

I want ice cream...

AC and UB said...

CONGRATULATIONS KIDDO! I remember when Patrick rode his bike (with training wheels) for the first time. osh, does this bring back fond memories.

Love and hugs,
AC and UB

Lenina Crowne said...

Lol... This sounds so much better than my first bike riding experience. I wound up falling into a five foot ditch and going to the hospital.

I never did learn to ride a bike.


G said...

Ahh...the joys of goofing off in a park with the little childrens.

Glad to hear that everyone was able to decompress and recharge the batteries.