Monday, March 30, 2009

Free Giveaway, Kiddo's Krafts, Little Bit's Milestone, Heard Around The House, & Happy Birthday My Sister

FREE GIVEAWAY! So the first thing I want to tell you about this morning is this free giveaway over at my friend's blog, Cloud Nine Creations. You really should go check it out, 'cause it's definitely worth it! And if I don't win this, well...I suppose I might just have to torture her until she gives up her secret recipe so I can make one myself! LOL! **** KIDDO'S KRAFTS We had a wonderful weekend! Kiddo is really into this "craft" stuff! He's glued buttons to paper, to each other, and who-knows where else (?), gotten a Frankenstein stamp of his own and wants his own ink pad. He's making envelopes and wrapping "presents" and making cards for family members. I think he's doing a great job, and, though it is the work if a 5 year old, I think it's brilliant! He's a genius! I'll have to take some pictures of his "work" and post it sometime in the next few days, if he'll let me, of course. **** LITTLE BIT'S MILESTONE Little Bit had a major milestone yesterday, and, being a mommy, I just had to share it with the entire blog-iverse! She POOPED on the POTTY! She told me she had to go, and we got her there, sat her down and.... Well, the rest is history. I told her if she pooped on the potty, she and I would go get her a special treat - which definitely excited her. So she and I went to the World of Wally and she got an Elmo balloon and a Backyardigans coloring book! We're very proud of her. She's doing so well! **** HEARD AROUND THE HOUSE When talking to Kiddo about a thunderstorm that happened Friday night into Saturday morning (one which I myself barely heard) he said, "I must have been so sleepy that my ears were turned off!" **** HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SISTER Just a great big happy birthday to my little sister in Florida who is 27 today! She seems older than that, to me - but she's not, which makes me feel old! I love you, HB. I'm always here, if you need me. And please don't shoot me because I forgot to send you your birthday card that I've had on my refrigerator forever! Happy Monday, Folks! Oh - and if you haven't had a chance, I've posted a few new things on My Etsy Shop! TTFN JMS


AC said...

My dear niece,
You have solved our problem! We wanted some "cheery" art to decorate in a few places. I didn't know about your cards until the other day. We can frame them. How were we ever blessed with such a talented person?
Love you bunches,

Beth said...

Cute! My 4 year old does cards, too. They mostly involve any sticker he can lay his hands on no matter the occasion. And, of course, they are brilliant!

Anonymous said...

You are something else! What a hoot, Jen! Although I picture your torture might involve something painless such as throwing cotton balls at me or making me watch 5 hours of the people's court.. lol

G said...

Who says Mondays aren't what they're cracked up to be?

A very nice post.