Monday, March 09, 2009

Little Bit's Birthday Weekend

Well, my baby girl is now officially 2 years old. I cannot believe how the time has just flown by!
We celebrated in style (ha!) at a local pizza restaurant on Saturday morning and many many of our friends came to join us. Little Bit was possibly a tad overwhelmed by all the attention, but I think she handled it very well! She was definitely a Mommy's Girl that day, and it was hard to detach her from me so I could schmooze with the friends and family who gathered to celebrate with us - but I am most definitely not complaining! It was a wonderful party and such an incredible turnout of party-goers on short notice! Thank you to all who came!
Then on Sunday (Little Bit's actual birthday) we went to church. Little Bit got all dressed up for the occasion, and though Kiddo initially came in wearing old play clothes ("But MoooOommm! I picked them out all by myself!") I made him wear something a bit more dressy. She's wearing an adorable cherry dress her Aunt D got her for her 1st birthday. This is the first time she's worn it and I'm lucky I got it on her now because in a couple more weeks it probably won't fit at all! I actually saved this dress for just such an occasion - and the hat just topped it off! I was amazed she actually kept the hat on! It fell off a couple of times and she said, "Oh! My hat!" The balloon she picked out all by herself at Wally World on Friday and she hardly went anywhere without it this entire weekend! The pretty little green sweater was handmade by a gentleman (yes...a gentleman) who sings in the choir at church. She wore it on her first Easter and has worn it a couple of times since then, but it seemed to fit the bill with the pretty little dress. And, the fact that the sleeves are now 3/4 sleeves just make it that much cuter on her!
We went to church. We met up with friends at Ryan's after church (they were there also celebrating a couple of family/friend birthdays). We went home and opened a few awesome gifts. One of the gifts was a little plastic tea set with a musical teapot (it plays I'm A Little Teapot). Little Bit had a grand time "drinking tea" and sharing her "tea" with Hubby, Kiddo and me. She poured, refilled, stirred, added cream and sugar and had an absolute ball! It was hard to break her away from it so she could get a nap. (Right now, naps are essential to peaceful living or she'd be a nightmare by bedtime!)
Then we were outside the rest of the day - right up until bath/bed time! Kiddo and Little Bit had some neighborhood friends over and they played and played and played! I even went so far as to feed the entire gang! (Do I feel like Donna Reed? No - not really...but it sure felt good to do it!) I fixed them all corn dogs, grapes, sliced apples, sun chips and juice boxes. (Their dad was very pleased with this arrangement - I think it gave him some much-needed quiet time!)
It was a busy and wonderful day. We said many prayers of thanks for a beautiful day weather-wise and more prayers of thanks for the fact that the looming rainstorm held off until well after bedtime!
Ah...the joys of birthdays, good weather, good friends, good food and fellowship!


Karrie said...

It's so nice to hear that little bit and everyone had such a wonderful weekend! Too bad I live so far away, but I was there in heart :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about Little Bit's birthday and fun weekend. Thanks for sharing! :)