Friday, March 13, 2009

Schell & Shell - Sharing Two Exalted Beauty Posts

Exalted Beauty is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs, not only because the woman/artist Amy Fraser is so sweet, but because she really is a fabulous artist. She, more than anything else lately, has awakened in me a long-dormant desire for creativity. Long-dormant because, well...I had kids. I haven't really done anything truly creative in a very long time; that is until Pearl had me help her with those invitations! Oh...and until I found one of my boxes of crafty stuff in the storage building in our back yard this past weekend. Anyway - I thought I'd share Exalted Beauty with you again today. She's posted two things today, one of which are several fantastically beautiful floral paintings "that are now part of Dr. Thomas G. Schell's exquisite and extensive art collection" and the other post is about yours truly! I'm honestly so flattered I don't know what to do with myself! She must think I'm some kind of special to post about little ol' me! Of course, the feeling is mutual! Go check her out, if you haven't already! Thanks, Amy! TTFN JMS

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Sunday's Pearl said...

You just had to say "crafty stuff" didn't you!? Now I've got the Beastie Boys stuck in my head.