Friday, March 13, 2009

Morning People vs. Night People?

You'll never guess what I'm listening to this morning...and I'm not sure I'm going to say. Let it be a mystery. Suffice it to say that yes, I do actually like this music (no, it's not rap...ugh) and it seemed appropriate this morning as I made an effort to lift my mood and wake up some. Coffee in hand... Georgie B thinks I may not be a morning person, and in some ways he's absolutely right. But in other ways, he's not. (No offense intended, Georgie!) What I mean is that I definitely enjoy my sleep. There's nothing more wonderful to me (most of the time) than being warm and cozy and comfy in one's own bed with sleep making your head and body feel leaden. At the same time, though, I'm not really a night person, either. I can stay awake, if I have to, but after the kids go to bed and after I get everything I need to get done, well...done for the night, I go to bed, too. Grateful. Of course, sometimes it is very hard for me to fall asleep. Other times it is very hard for me to stay asleep. Some nights I'm up and down, tossing and turning. Other nights I sleep so hard that the world could come to an end and I'd never know it. Last night, Hubby went out with the guys to see Watchmen. I flipped channels on the TV for a little bit, eventually settling on Grease (of all things...but I do love that movie!). It was about 1/4 of the way through already, but having seen it many many times, I didn't really miss anything. I settled in to watch and when it was over at 10PM, I went to bed. I remember nothing at all until my alarm (yes I remembered to set it!) went off this morning. So what are you if you're not a morning person, and you're not a night owl? I wonder... TTFN JMS


Light and Writing said...

This is sorta me too. I love my sleep, goodness, I love my sleep. I guess though I enjoy mornings the most. I don't like to get up late it makes me feel half my day is gone. But I'm sure not happy getting up for work! I don't know what we are!

G said...

First off, many thanks for the internal link and the reference within your post.

I sometimes float between morning and night.

I get up every morning about 4 (no alarm clock used since 1989) and I find it downright impossible to sleep later than 6:30.

At the opposite end, I've ocassionally slipped back into habits from my young adult years and stayed up to about 1 in the morning.

We live and learn.