Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ah...go soak your head!

I had the greatest time last night giving the kids a bath. You might be saying, "What!?! Is she serious? I thought she HATED giving the kids a bath!" I would be replying, "You'd be right!" But last night, for some unknown reason - I decided that instead of getting frustrated at getting my clothes wet and having water splashed all over the floor, that I'd have some fun with it. The kids like to take the hair rinser thingy (a red bucket with a handle and a soft spot that flexes and forms to a small forehead to avoid getting water in pretty young eyes) and pour water on each other. It's cute, even if I think Kiddo's probably getting too old to be taking baths with his little sister. (I'm ahead of myself again, aren't I?) They get each other's hair wet for me and then I scrub 'em down and let them rinse themselves off. It seems to be a good system and, unless Little Bit is extremely grouchy, usually doesn't elicit much screaming. Yay. Well, I was in my "cleaning" tank top and a pair of ratty old jeans last night at bath-time, and I had my hair up in a pony-tail to keep it out of my face and I thought, "Eh...what the heck?" I took the pony-tail holder out, shook my hair, and leaned over the edge of the tub, letting the ends of my hair hang into the kid's bathwater. I couldn't see the looks, but I sure could hear the giggles and squeals of excitement as I informed them that it was, indeed, OK to get Mommy's hair wet tonight. They spent several gleeful minutes dumping buckets and buckets of water over my head and neck, and though I wound up with water all down my back and seeping into the waistline of my old jeans - I didn't care. My kids were giggling and having a wonderful time and I just love hearing them laugh. When I finally put a stop to it and wrapped my soaked head in a towel, they were quite disappointed that the "fun" was over. I scrubbed them down, rinsed them off, and let them play while the water drained out and that, ladies and gentlemen, was that. There was no fighting. No complaining. No, "Aw Mom! Do I hafta get out now?" No, "I wanna swim!" It was great. Now, I know they're going to expect to be able to soak mom's head (HA!) every time they get a bath from now on, and it will be hard to convince them that it will not be an every time thing...but I think I will occasionally surprise them with something like that because it was such good, clean (literally) fun! Bedtime went relatively smoothly, too! In other news: Hubby went to a movie with The Guys last night and while he was gone, I watched the end of NCIS, all of The Mentalist, and part of Without A Trace. During that time, I created 3 button pins and 4 button rings (all now listed on My Etsy Shop), took a shower, figured out my outfit for work today and did a few other things... It was, all-in-all, a very good and productive night. TTFN JMS

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