Thursday, April 09, 2009

An Adventure in Art

I'm shocked. I'm dumbfounded. I'm absolutely thrilled! One of my Blog Sisters (she knows who she is) said to me today, via email, "You've got talent coming out the wazoo!" (I'm probably paraphrasing, but that's the gist of it. Thank you, by the way, for saying that very nice thing to me!) Wanna know why? Last night, Hubby took Kiddo with him to church so Hubby could go to choir practice and Kiddo could play in the nursery with the other choir kids. Little Bit stayed home with me. We had "Art Time" together. She got her little smock on, I gave her a piece of paper, a kids paintbrush, some water and water colors and she busied herself making a colorful mess. While she was experimenting with how the different shades of pink looked on the blue paint she'd already laid down - I grabbed a 10" x 10" canvas I'd purchased and thought, "Eh...I'll paint something, too!" I did. It was a simple ocean sunset with blues and yellows and purples and oranges and birdies and clouds and a little sail boat out for an evening on the water. Frankly, it turned out better than I'd ever expected it to and it's been absolutely YEARS upon YEARS since I'd picked up a paint brush with the intent to create art. I posted it on My Etsy Site this morning. It sold this afternoon! I'll say it again: I'm shocked. I'm dumbfounded. I'm absolutely thrilled! I bought 2 more canvases tonight! Wish me luck! TTFN JMS


Light and Writing said...

Oh Jen! I am so envious! You did a beautiful job and I really can not wait to see more! Congrats on the sale!

G said...


Good luck with a newfound source of income.