Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birds of a Feather...

Several months ago, I posted about a Territorial Hummingbird.  (I can't link to it right now because I can't get to Blogger to find the old post - but I will try to add that link later when I get home.)  There's a Territorial Mockingbird at my office.  He (?) is chasing away all the beautiful Cedar Waxwings who are only there to eat the berries on the holly bushes outside the cafeteria!  They're not hurting anyone, but they sure are pissing off this mockingbird!
I remember a long time ago when a Cedar Waxwing smacked itself into a window at my house.  I went outside (of course) to see if it was hurt or dead or what...  It was definitely hurt, stunned, but not dead - thank goodness.  It's neck seemed floppy at first, so I thought it was dead, but when I picked it up (yes, I'll pick up almost any hurt animal if I think it won't bite me - skunks and squirrels are usually excluded from this) it twitched, opened its eyes, and looked at me plaintively as if to say, "I'm not feelin' so well right at the moment.  I don't suppose you could take care of me, could you?"
Of course I could!
I held that silly bird in my gentle hands for over an hour, sitting on the front porch, while the bird slowly regained the use of its body.  I studied the little thing intently while I was "nursing" it back to health.  So beautiful.  Birds in general are so beautiful.  (I have heard of folks being afraid of birds and I cannot fathom that...)  Its coloring, creamy yellows, browns, black and red...a wonderful black mask over its eyes.  Eventually, it seemed to shake itself and come out of its daze.  It perked up, sat itself on my finger and we just looked at each other for several minutes.  Then, it seemed to wink at me in thanks, and flew away.  Ah - my heart soared with him.
It's really almost too bad wild birds won't just come and hang out with me...
PS: To all my Administrative Assistant friends (ahem...Pearl, Claudia, AKAY, Mrs. Myrick...and I'm sure more I can't come up with right now) HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS DAY!
PPS: Speaking of birds of a feather - check out My Etsy Site today!  I just listed a set of 2 notecards with pretty little birds on them!  I guess I'm a bird brain today! :)


Karrie said...

what a beautiful bird. I think it is amazing that there are so many diffetent kinds of birds all over the country and not many are seen everywhere. I love bird watching!
Have a great day!

Lenina Crowne said...

Lucky girl. I wish wild birds would just come and hang out too.

Anonymous said...

Yea, Those are really nice. We don't see up here much.

AC loves the birds too. We have both front and backyard feeders.

Somehow, we have to trundle out there in the winter and put food in them.

AC thinks of them more as "outdoor pets" than wildlife.

Love, UB