Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day, Mother Nature, Work Outing, Afternoon Nap

Yesterday was Earth Day.  I did my part by posting something about nature - though admittedly it was by complete accident!  Ah, Mother Earth...she is beautiful, isn't she?
Every day I see things that are so spectacular my heart can barely contain the beauty.  I wish that I had thought to whip out my camera at the time, but as I drove to work yesterday I observed a crescent moon and a star or planet just to the lower left of the moon.  Both shining brightly and in stark contrast to the lightening sky.  I did, actually, think to get my camera, but I couldn't come up with a good place to stop to get "the shot" so I let it go.  I regret it now.  I wish I had something to show for it.
I always take in the way the clouds turn colors during the sunrises and sunsets.  I love watching the way raindrops fall into puddles.  I love observing birds in their natural habitat - even the mean Mockingbirds that torture the Cedar Waxwings - or the Blue Jays that chase off the Blue Birds nesting in my backyard.  The little Carolina Wren that has taken over one (possibly 2) "rooms" in the Blue Martin apartment house on our front porch.  The Carolina Wren is on my Top 10 Favorite birds list because it is such a happy little thing - chirpy, chirpy, chirp!  chirpy, chirpy chirp!  It's little tail sticking straight up in the air!
Speaking of tails in the air - have you ever witnessed a chipmunk crossing a road or running quickly from point A to point B?  It's tail is always straight up in the air, too!  So cute!
Changing the subject a bit - I had an outing yesterday with the managers and supervisors at my office.  We went to Calhoun's for lunch.  It was wonderful.  I had a great time.  I'm glad I was "forced" to go - because I wasn't gonna.  One of our managers sent me an email asking, "Aren't you at least going to come eat with us?"  (They were going to play Laser Tag after food...and that doesn't interest me in the slightest.)
I responded with, "No.  Probably not.  I'm not a fan of Laser Tag and I've got a few things I can work on while everyone is gone.  No interruptions, more work accomplished.  Of course, if you give me a direct order to come eat with you - than who am I to argue?"
She replied, "Direct order.  Come eat with us.  You need to get out of the office occasionally!"
I'm glad I did.
Then, after we were done with food and everyone was leaving, I mentioned to my boss that I was going to go back to the office to work on a few things and he said, "Go home!"  I said I really wanted to finish a certain thing and he just smiled and waved me away.  When I got back to the office, I checked my email and there was a note from Boss Man saying, "Go home!"
I went home.  It was 2:00.
Also - I got lovely Administrative Professionals Day flowers from my boss.  More yellow roses and Gerber daisies!  So pretty.
I spent a lovely afternoon with my family by the lake and then getting ice cream.  We all went home and every one of us had a nap.  It was wonderful.

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