Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bullet Points

I think a quote from The Princess Bride is in order here:
"Let me 'splain. No - there is too much. Let me sum up."
  • Dropped a shoe on my foot. It hurt. It was loud, too!
  • Hit a bunny on the way to work. There was nothing I could have done to change the outcome, but I felt (and still feel) awful. poor little thing - I hope his tiny soul is happy in Heaven.
  • Said a quick prayer that my day would improve, rather than continue to be hurtful and sad.
  • My prayer seemed to work.
  • Busy day today, but very productive.
  • Present for the signing of a contract with a new vendor at the office that we're all very excited about bringing on board.
  • Finalized an InfoMapping project that was (and I'll probably regret ever admitting this) challenging, but actually enjoyable. The final product looked so good and the person I did the project for was very happy.
  • Finalized the newsletter for another department. That was definitely enjoyable. I love - L.O.V.E. - doing stuff like that. The department Administrative Assistant who was doing it said (and I quote), "I'd rather spend all day working with ledgers and numbers than format a newsletter." She can have the ledgers and I'll take the newsletter. It's working out rather well so far. The Manager of the department is extremely pleased with the outcome and that has made me very happy.
  • Got to see "Edward" on the wall in above-mentioned Manager's office. She came to my cube this morning and said, "You've got to come see my present!" Present? Why in the world would she want me to see a present someone gave her? Ah...the beauty that is Edward Cullen. Looking for all the world like he wanted to jump out of the poster on Manager's wall and say, "I don't want to be a killer, Bella!"
  • Did I mention that Pearl calls me "Bella"?
  • LOL
  • Some present, eh?
  • During the day, I got an email from the director at Kiddo and Little Bit's school requesting help for the Work Day tonight at 5:30. She had some folks to weed and turn up the sand in the play area and do various other chores around the school, but she didn't have anyone to watch the kids of the parents helping out. I volunteered. 10 kids (or 13 - I didn't really count) later it was a screaming, laughing, ball-throwing, near-miss accident, chaotic free-for-all - and I loved every second of it. Of course Kiddo and Little Bit came with me.
  • Little Bit's pants kept falling down. Couldn't keep them up to save my life. Not even changing them to a smaller pair seemed to work. Is she narrower than she was, or did I just forget her belt?
  • Kiddo can toss basketballs into the Fisher Price hoop like nobodies business! I was SO impressed with him. He has a tough time catching things that are thrown at him but he can certainly make those baskets one after another. Hmmm...he's kinda short right now, but I wonder if I could get him a College Scholarship for Basketball?
  • We got ice cream. It was fun...but really, really messy.
  • We went by Hubby's office and said hello to him.
  • We went home and put the kids to bed.
  • Little Bit peed on the floor in the 2 seconds I had her without diaper. Dammit.
  • Dark clouds are looming and I'm now getting ready to end this endless post and go watch the rest of NCIS.
  • Busy day.


PS: So much for "Summing up" eh?

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