Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday, 2009

A wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, fun and exhausting Easter Sunday. My and Little Bit's dresses were perfect. Hubby and Kiddo looked as handsome as could be. Everyone seemed to be on their best behavior. I couldn't ask for more. The day included a wonderful Easter service at church, Easter egg hunting with the kids/youth at church, then home after church and immediately over to friends M&GWs for another Easter egg hunt and cookout with friends. The day was not too warm, but very bright and refreshing after all the cold and rain we've had lately. It was a day with a sweet light breeze, and would have been perfect had I (and my girlfriends at the BBQ) been at the ocean, dozing off in the sunshine while sunning ourselves on a rock. (Ok - fish tails and seashells implied, but not Then after that, we all went home and while Hubby worked on The Beast some, Kiddo, Little Bit and I all took a nap. I was nursing a headache which probably cropped up from too much sun and which is better now, though still slightly irritating...even after a nap and a cold compress on my eyes! (Do I sound like I'm 80 yet?) Anyway - it was a wonderful day and we had a great time. Kids are finally in bed and quiet, Hubby is watching something on TV and I am taking this opportunity to catch all my beloved readers up on my day. I will be in an Excel class tomorrow all day so I probably won't have time for email or anything - but you can be sure I have not dropped off the face of the planet. I am actually retaking this class. It's Excel Level 1 at the local Computer Learning Center. I set up my boss and another manager to take this class and when I did, my "guy" at the CLC said, "Hey - you know you can take this class again for free, right?" I thought, "Eh...what the heck!" So I'm taking the class again. Hopefully I won't be bored outta my skull! Until then, hope everyone had as wonderful of an Easter as we did! TTFN JMS


yourlonglostsister said...

I had a great time! Thanks for hangin' out! Happy Easter! :)

Light and Writing said...

Sounds perfect Jen! Happy Easter!

G said...

Taking a class again only shows initiative for getting out work for a day with path.

Congrats! :-]