Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yep. I'm a slacker alright!

So you noticed, did ya? Think I'm a slacker, do ya? Think I've got better things to do than post to my blog on a Friday night, right? Oh - if you only knew. In fact, I had one of the busiest weeks I've had in a really, really long time. I'm not complaining, but frankly, I forgot to post yesterday! Can you believe that? Me! Forgetting to post to my blog! That's like an addict forgetting their addiction. Like OCD suffers forgetting to count the 9th step up a flight of stairs. Hubby was working. Kiddo, Little Bit and I spent a majority of the evening watching the weather and preparing for the tornadoes the meteorologist kept trying to convince us we needed to prepare for. Then we went to Good Friday service at church, which didn't start until 7PM. Then Hubby went to the hospital to see if he could see a friend who is in there and find out if there is anything he could do. I took the kids to McD's because they were both hollering for a snack and I wanted a coca-cola like the Sahara desert wants rain. We got home. Ate our McD's. And I put the kids to bed around 9PM; quite a bit later than either of them are used to, so falling asleep was not an issue. Then I turned the news on again. I was barely paying attention to it when Hubby came back home. We chatted for a few minutes, discussed the weather and my preparations for possibly hiding in the bathroom with both kids and the dog (which we never had to do) and then I went to bed. Asleep in very short order. Asleep mostly all night except at around 3:30 when Kiddo came into my room, woke me up and said that Nalla (the dog) woke HIM up dancing around his room and jumping up on his bed. Apparently she had to go out - like NOW - so I got up and took her out. In the rain. In the wet. In the cold. In my jammies. Barefooted. So she could take her sweet time doing her business. But she really did have to go, so the getting up in the wee hours of the morning to take fuzz-butt outside was not an effort in futility. Today is Saturday and I've just taken out the garbage, started the first of many loads of laundry, cleaned off the dining table and then (after I'm done with this post) I'm going to put paper down on the table and we're all going to have some arts and crafts time. Preferably with the TV off. And the music on. And no fussing, whining, screaming, crying or arguing. Please? TTFN JMS


Blasé said...


You are busier than a bee..or an ant..or anything that is very very very busy. Whew, I got exhausted just reading your blog that you 'almost' didn't write. Glad the tornado decided to go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Wow, You're busy. At least she let you know that she had to go out instead of leaving a "present" for you to discover before you've even had coffee. Ugh!

I've had a few of those in my 40 or so years of dog ownership!

One time in England, I heard a blood-curdeling(sp?) scream. It was AC. She had gotten up and gone downstairs to get her tea and stepped in a nice warm present that our greyhound-lab mix had left for us that night. AC is a bit of "clean freak" about her person so......

Anonymous said...

Oooops, I forgot to say that it were what posted the above post.

Love you, UB

note: I have a masters in dog poo clean-up and kitty-litter scooping!

G said...

Never, never apologize for forgetting to post.

Always remember that the Real World comes first, everything else is tied for second.