Monday, April 20, 2009

Etsy Addiction & VBS Committee

Ok - so you know how I mentioned a while ago that I was totally addicted to my blog?  I still am, but I think I've added another addiction or two in the last month or so.
Etsy, greeting cards and buttons.
I know - it's starting to look more like an obsession than an addiction - but aren't they synonymous?
I got a message from my cousin in NY last night wanting to know if I was going to do any more cards.  Of course I will - that's my main love and my main focus here, but...  Admittedly, I did get a little side-tracked (um...obsessed) with my buttons and rings and bracelets and pins and ideas and, and, and...  I blame Claudia - (Cloud Nine Creations) - and you can, too, if you must. :)  (Oohhh!  I'm gonna get it for that!  Claudia - you know I ♥ ya!)
So this week, my goal is to focus on my greeting cards and replenish my stock.  I just listed 2 new cards this morning (and 3 new rings, of course) and actually don't anticipate that the Mother's Day card will last very long!  Even Hubby said, "Wow, Jen - that's really nice!"  (That's the best compliment I could have ever gotten, you know!?!)  You can see the cards (and rings) at
I was going to make this short...but it seems I'm not done yet - just changing subjects.
I went to a meeting of the Vacation Bible School planning crew at church yesterday and am SO excited about everything we're planning to do this year!  Lots of great ideas floating around and, finding a way around our cut-in-half budget is right up my alley!  I'm on the Promotions Committee so I get to do a lot of the creative advertising etc...  Should be lots of fun and everyone on the team this year is really really great!
Ok - now I'm done!
Have a wonderful (if rainy - depending on where you are) Monday!


Karrie said...

Hey Jen!!!
I love your stuff and I think you should try a free account over at Artfire. Getting lots of traffic over there and I think you would do well. If you sign up for a verified please use my name ;)
I have a lot of catching up to do! I thought I would pop in and say hi!!! XOXOX

Anonymous said...

I will gladly take the credit, your work is too cute!

Hugs ~ Claudia