Friday, April 17, 2009

A Career Decided (?)

I have waited ALL WEEK to be able to say that!  Today ends the 2nd busiest week of my life here at [Current Company].  I still have loads to do today, up to and including revamping something I did earlier in the week because the "owner" added a bunch of stuff and screwed up the formatting.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you; I actually enjoy the process of organizing documents and formatting them so they flow appropriately from one topic to the next. 
I'm referring to InfoMapping - in case you hadn't already figured that out.  I took an InfoMapping class last April ('08) and, though it's been a year (-ish) since I've really put the skills I learned in that class to good use - I'm very, very happy to have an excuse to use it.  It's not extremely difficult, but sometimes the formatting options can really throw you for a loop.  It's used in conjunction with MS Word, and though it looks like you're working in a Word document, and it seems like you should be able to format using the Word options - you aren't and you can't.  A little more maneuvering is involved and adding and deleting things isn't just a simple process.
But regardless of the nuances between formatting using InfoMapping and formatting in MS Word, I still enjoy it.  I guess this is just one reason why I love what I do.  I may not be the most organized person in this position, and I may occasionally let something slip through the cracks - but I think that's not necessarily just me being me - I think it's more just me being human.
That being said, I recently fired off a letter (via email, of course) to a friend, who also happens to be my doctor.  (Hey!  She made the mistake of giving me her email address so it's her fault!  LOL!)  In the letter I vented about quite a few things, but mostly I vented about my lack of focus and organization.  One would think that my being medicated for ADD ( stuff) I would be oh-so-in-control, but I'm not.  I still am the world's most disorganized person.  I know how to organize.  I can file stuff like nobodies business.  I can clean and organize a room right up there with the best of them.  But this is not nature.  Nature (God, The Fates...choose one) decided a long time ago that I am supposed to be disorganized.
Does that make me an artist?
Moving of my wonderful friends and co-workers sent me an email the other day that said, "Perhaps you should consider a career change ?   Seriously…    Maybe even in the [Company's] Marketing department?  I hate that stuff.    I'd rather balance the budget than create a newsletter any day!!!"  I think I mentioned this conversation a post or two ago.  Anyway - that got me thinking...where am I going?
Do I really have a career?  Or, am I just working a job...for now?
While I do love what I do, it's definitely not my life's ambition to be an Administrative Assistant.  That being said, I decided to take the bull by the horns and contact ITT Technical Institute.  After speaking to wonderful woman at the local campus, I am, someday soon (date has not been set yet) going to meet with her to discuss the Computer Drafting and Design courses for a degree.  This seems to be right up my alley because I love computers, I love design, I love architecture, I love art - but I am (getting back to my original point) worried about the "organization" this course will require.
However, by nature, as disorganized as I am, I am also very linear.  I like things to be organized and straight-forward and logical.  So, I think, I may have found my future.
Of course, I won't really know until I spend 2 hours with the woman from ITT Tech sometime in the next week or so - but from everything I've read and learned (through independent study and research) I think this is a good thing.  My concerns (and ITT Tech Lady knows this) are time (where am I going to find it?) and money (where am I going to find it?).  But, ITT Tech Lady seems to think that I might be eligible for some financial assistance - so we'll see.
Anyway - wish me luck in this new adventure.  It's time.  It really is.


Paulie said...

Well I definately wish you best of luck and happiness. And about the time and any other obstacles just remember that if it is in your heart nothing can stop you from accomplishing your dreams.

G said...

Good luck with the potential career change.

One other thing you should look into is to see if your company has some kind of tuition reimbursement program. Does wonders for helping defray the cost of going to school.

Anonymous said...

YOU'RE AN ARTIST.........Start tour own business!


Yea, why not? Just start slow and build as you go.

I love you too,