Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother's Day Jeans

So yesterday I tried to post a few pictures (though the email to blog feature) of some of the things I've recently posted on My Etsy Shop.  Didn't work out all that well...the pictures didn't come through!  ...really irked me...  So I guess I'll have to make an attempt to fix it - but I'll need to remember to send myself the pictures so I can do it from home tonight.
On another note - Hubby, Kiddo, Little Bit and I went to Gander Mountain last night to get paddles for our canoe.  I walked in and immediately got distracted by the CLOTHES.  Did you know Gander Mountain sells clothes?  I mean, I knew they did but I didn't realize they were fun and nice looking clothes!  Since I was in need of a decent pair of jeans that fit (weight loss - it's a good thing) I quickly turned my attention to the jeans.  I found a 12 Long (YAY!) and tried them on.  (I tried other jeans on, too - as well as a few other things...)  These jeans fit like they were made just for me!  I was so excited that I didn't even bother to look at the price!  (MISTAKE!)
They were $40.00!
I didn't really even LOOK at the price until after the sales rep had rung them up and Hubby had graciously motioned for me to put them in with his paddles.
Later, he asked me, "How much were those jeans, anyway?"  I admitted to him the price and tried to look sheepish.  I honestly didn't look at the price before hand or I wouldn't have gotten them.  But now, I am wearing a pair of Gander Mountain brand size 12 Long jeans that fit perfectly...and I'm very pleased. 
Normally I try to avoid really expensive stuff because I don't feel that we can afford it.  Lots of folks are probably lifting an eyebrow and thinking, "$40 for jeans?  That's totally normal!  I mean, that's a really decent price!"  OK - so maybe it is - for most folks...but I'm not most folks.  I mean, I would LIKE to be able to drop $40.00 on jeans every time I need them, but I cannot. 
Hubby mumbled, "Happy Mother's Day."  I'm guessing he thinks I didn't hear him - but I did.  And frankly - I agree with him.  Happy Mother's Day to me, a couple of weeks early.  Who ever heard of getting a new pair of jeans for Mother's Day? have now!



tennswede said...

Jen, if you think Gander mtn stuff is nice try Bass Pro Shops house brand. Their stuff is great. I do agree however, $40 for jeans is not cheap in my book either. I usually buy Wal Mart or Wrangler for aroun $15. It's nice sometimes though, to have something that is not the cheapest.

G said...

I agree about the $40 for jeans.

I usually go to JCPenney's for jeans and I usually can get them on sale for about $20-25.