Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last Night was...

It started with me leaving work at 2:40 to go home and get everyone ready for Kiddo's Kindergarten Registration/Orientation.  Kiddo.  In Kindergarten!  Can you believe this?  I'm so excited and sentimental and worried and pleased and...and...and...  He's thrilled.  He got to see what it will be like to ride the bus - but of course Mom & Dad had to go with him.  Every other kid's parent let them go alone...but if that was what would make him comfortable, I'm totally there.
Little Bit go to ride along, too.  On my lap.  Not letting me let go of her once.  Though I think she enjoyed it, too.
We passed our house.
That was fun.
Kiddo will be in Kindergarten in the Fall.  Sigh.
Then we went out for dinner. 
Santa Claus was there.
No - really - he was.  He even had on his red "North Pole" T-Shirt.  He must be taking a vacation in Tennessee since the weather's been nice around here lately.
Kiddo and Little Bit had a tiny Frosty.  Wonder if that made Santa feel at home?
Then we went home and spent the entire rest of the night in the back yard.  Until nearly dark.  Hubby & I worked on cleaning out my Toyota, and probably removed 100lbs of crap that had been floating around in there for who-knows-how-long.  I found something that was petrified.  I think it was probably a chicken nugget.  Can't be sure, though.
There is no more junk in my trunk, either!  (HA HA!)  Hubby pulled everything out, vacuumed out all the old hay (from OCTOBER, folks) and reorganized it. 
Now the car just needs a bath.
While Hubby and I were working on the car (although I admittedly got distracted quite a bit because) Kiddo and Little Bit had our 3 neighbor kids over.  They blew bubbles, played on scooters and bicycles, had an impromptu soccer game, crawled through the cleaned out car, tossed a ball that went wonky and smacked Hubby in the back of the head (ticked him off, too, poor guy), and just generally ran around like mad.  Oh, and juice boxes were had by all.
When bedtime rolled around (which was significantly later than normal) there was much kicking and screaming in protest, by both Kiddo and Little Bit.
Sleep came quickly, however, and Hubby and I were able to settle down by 9PM to watch the mid-season finale (what is that, btw?) of Ghost Hunters.  Could have been creepier, if you ask me.
Oh, and while everyone was playing/working outside, one of my aforementioned distractions was the great lighting for photographs.  I snapped a few great shots of the fiery pink azalea in our yard, along with the snowman garden statue bird feeder.  I've posted them on My Etsy Site - if you're interested.  I'm extremely pleased with how they turned out!
Have a wonderful Thursday!


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