Tuesday, May 12, 2009


...and so it goes.
I posted a brief note on my Facebook page a day or two ago about Little Bit being under the weather - and am amazed at how many notes and well-wishes I received for her.  Several have send requests for an update, as well - and so I will give that to you now because I cannot access FB at the moment.
She is doing much better.  The nasty fever seems to have finally broken and gone bye-bye; it got up to almost 103 at one point (but not quite).  I took her to the doctor yesterday and he pronounced her in basic good health, but with a raging ear infection in her left ear.  She wasn't tugging or "ow-ing" - she was just feverish and generally miserable.
I stayed home from work yesterday to take care of her because, aside from her doctor's appointment at 10:45 AM, I had my own appointment at 8AM and then after dropping off prescriptions I was finally able to get the antibiotic in her around 2PM.  I leave work at 4 so there was my work day...shot to you-know-where.  I knew I was going to stay home with her, though; there wasn't a question about that after her appointment.  I had initially intended to go to work afterward, but thought better of it when I realized how clingy and grouchy she was and she wanted me...not daddy.
I couldn't leave her.
She had another rough night and was awake quite a bit hollering about one thing or another, and of course Hubby and I didn't get much sleep either, but she seems to be another baby this morning; quite herself again.
So hopefully after getting her antibiotic for another day or two, she'll really bed her old self again. 
Even though she felt miserable yesterday, she held completely still for the doctor as he dug around inside her ear so he could get a good look at her eardrum (wax that my safety Q-Tips couldn't get to, apparently).  He was amazed by her.  He even said, "I've never once had a child be this still and compliant!"
(Speaking of compliments toward my children, on Saturday AM, I took both kids out early - they woke me up at 6:30 on a SATURDAY! - and we went to Chick-fil-A for breakfast.  We had a wonderful time and everybody was very good.  A lady who was eating there with her husband came over and placed a beautifully weathered hand on my shoulder; surprising me.  She said, "You're children are absolutely beautiful and SO well behaved!"  I nearly fell off the bench in shock!  MY CHILDREN?  She's speaking about MY children?  I mean, of course I know they're beautiful - they're mine - but well behaved?  Well, yes - they were, in fact, on their best behavior that morning - for whatever reason.  It made me feel so wonderful to have an out-of-the-blue compliment from a stranger like that.)
So everyone is OK.  Kiddo has yet to clean his room and, though I made some progress in there myself, I really want him to do it.  It's the principle of the thing - it's a lesson I want him to learn.  But he'll get there.  I'm hoping he'll get sick of tripping over the s*** on the floor and start doing something on his own.  For now, though - he just keeps kicking a new path to his bed every night.  He's 5.  He'll figure it out eventually, but I'm done yelling about it.  I've got enough other stuff to do.
In no particular order: VBS, Sunday School, Spa Day at Church, Cards, Jewelry, Laundry, Laundry, Laundry...um...Laundry.  It never ends.
Happy Tuesday!

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