Monday, May 04, 2009

Family, Friends, Food, Falling & Flourishes

Had a great weekend!  We went North to visit family on Saturday.  I had been feeling the itch to see them for a couple of weeks and Hubby happened to not be working on Saturday - so up we went.  I got to see my Mother-in-Law, both my Sisters-in-Law, my niece, her little baby girl (who is 5 months old and just as sweet and adorable as she can possibly be), my Brother-in-Law and my 16 year old nephew.  This was to be our Mother's Day.
Hubby, BIL, Nephew, Kiddo & Little Bit spent a majority of the time in their finished basement/rec-room, while The Girls all piled in SIL's bed and watched Bride Wars.  I cannot wait to see the picture of that!  There is one...somewhere.  Hubby couldn't resist snapping a couple of shots with SIL's camera after he came up from the depths in search of his wife. 
A good time was had by all, I do believe - though I think SIL (the one whose house we all invaded) probably worked herself a bit too hard.  Her blood sugar dropped drastically - and so did she.  She was lucky I happened to be right there to catch her or she might really have hurt herself.  Her husband, my BIL, was there in 2 seconds and a chair was brought quickly so she could sit.  At least one Coca-Cola and a brownie later, she seemed to be back in the land of the living, but I worried about her the entire rest of the time we were there.  Scared me pea-green.  She's OK... 
I think she probably puts on a good face even if she's feeling awful, so I never know how she's really feeling.  I kept telling her to put me to work - and she did.  She had me folding laundry (HA!) and Kiddo volunteered to vacuum the kitchen with the little power sweeper thingy.  He did an excellent job and even surprised SIL by rolling up all the little area rugs so he could get under them.  He rolled 'em up, vacuumed under them, and then rolled 'em back out again.  Very industrious, for a 5 year old; he didn't even need instructions!  When he was asked where he learned to do that, he stated that he'd seen me do the same in Little Bit's room with her Winnie The Pooh rug.
So even when I don't think I'm teaching him anything, Kiddo, (a.k.a. Mr. Sponge - I think I might need to change his "blog" name) is learning.  Another reminder that kids learn from watching their parents, their surroundings, and the words being said that they absorb.  Amazing.
I also did the dishes for her before we left - because I certainly didn't want her to have to work any harder than she already had.
My other SIL brought 2 bags of clothes for me to go through.  This happens every now and then and is always very exciting for me!  I get new clothes without spending any $$!  This time, I got three skirts, several shirts, a great neutral blazer that I can't wait to wear, and probably a couple of things I can't remember right now.  The rest will go to Goodwill or FreeCycle...  Thanks, SIL!
On our way home, we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop for a little lookie-loo.  Kiddo lost his new (Wally-World) ball cap somewhere in the store.  This is really awful; he cried - poor little guy.  We gave the shop our name and number and asked that if the cap turned up that they call us...but I really doubt it will.  There are no distinguishing marks on the cap at all; not even Kiddo's name! 
We ate dinner and then drove the rest of the way home.
Sunday was church, Sunday school (I'm back on my 2 months of teaching the 1st & 2nd graders), service, and lunch with our friends D&JS.  Their kids kept our kids in stitches almost the entire time.  The giggling was very much preferred to the screaming that might have occurred otherwise.  DS did something to make everyone in the restaurant applaud her, though I'm sure she was mortified at the time.  She tried to get out of her seat to get more bread sticks from the counter, but somehow managed to hook her foot into the strap of her purse and so she tripped and fell.  She didn't hurt herself, thank God, but she bounced right up, threw her hands in the air and hollered, "TA DA!" as if she'd meant to do it!  It was absolutely perfect!  Everyone in the general area who witnessed the mishap broke into laughter and applause.  I am extremely accident prone and have fallen many, many times - but I have never had the grace to finish with flourish like that.  Go DS!  We all can learn something from her, can't we!?
Anyway - it's Monday again.  It's raining.  The newly laid sod in the front of our office is turning a lovely shade of green - which is a HUGE improvement over the patchy green and brown it was before they started the work 2 weeks ago.  There's a tree that broke and fell over by the parking lot.  And there are many puddles all around - but I'm seeing Spring and Robins and flowers and happy things!

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