Friday, May 01, 2009

State of Denial

I'm looking at a sample box of cookies and brownies from a local cafe.  A rep from the cafe came in today to introduce themselves and to let me know, "They're in the area and able to cater...are we interested?" I tell them we've been using them for nearly 2 years now and that most folks complain about the food when we do?  Or, do I keep my mouth shut - accept the proffered gift of sweet and yummy edibles (I mean, c'mon - how badly can you screw up chocolate chip cookies and brownies?  Wait...don't answer that!) and say, "Thank you very much.  We'll give you a holler if we need anything!"
I chose to tell them, "Thank you, etc..."
The cookie/brownie pack is at my desk.  I gave one to JF and am now trying not to eat the entire friggin' box.  Problem is, most of the folks whom I would normally share these treats with are in a meeting right now.  The meeting usually lasts until 10:30 or 11AM (and sometimes longer) and I'm not sure I can hold out until then!
Yes I can!
Will power!  It's all about will power.
And denial.
Meaning I'm denying the fact that the bright yellow and orange box with the Olive-shaped "O" is sitting at arms length away from me and it would take absolutely nothing for me to reach over there and snag a cookie...
PS: New items on Etsy!



yourlonglostsister said...

The mood I'm in today..... I'd eat the whole damn box. :)

Karrie said...

you are too funny!! I would have eaten the whole box by now....probably even if they were that bad!

Light and Writing said...

Oh Jenn this is torture!