Monday, May 18, 2009

A God Moment or New Kitchen Cabinet

Some of you might know that I've been looking for that perfect cabinet for my kitchen.  Then again, some of you may not.  That being said, I've been looking for that perfect cabinet for my kitchen.  Ha!  :)  I knew what I wanted, I knew the function(s) said cabinet was to perform, I knew where it was to be placed and I wasn't going to get something that would work.  My months-long search came to an end on Saturday and I cannot tell you how completely pleased I am.
I'm calling it a God-Moment. 
I'd heard on the radio about a 9-mile yard sale in a local neighborhood near where I live.  I knew the area well enough to be able to mosey around the many yard sales (all going despite the rainy weather) but because I had the kids with me, I didn't want to stop unless I saw something that had potential. 
The kids were being absolutely GOLDEN hanging out in the car with me and making one another laugh and giggle - so everyone was completely occupied when BAM!  I had a feeling about this one particular house.
Pulling over to the side of the road and getting the kids out of the car, I made my way into the garage at this house - way back in the middle of nowhere on a side-street I didn't even know existed!  In the garage I was met by a smiling older woman (late 60's maybe early 70's - I'm a bad judge of age) and I returned the smile even as I spotted exactly what I was looking for.  It was just that easy!  Not only was the cabinet absolutely perfect for my needs it was $40.00!  FORTY DOLLARS!  And, it was hand-made, solid wood, and perfectly perfect.  I paid the woman telling her that I would be back later that day or tomorrow with a vehicle to move it because I didn't think it could fit in my 1993 Toyota Corolla with 2 kids!  (That was a joke.)
Then, from another part of the garage I heard, "Hey!  Is your name Jennifer?"
Turning, I responded to the speaker, "Um...yyeesss?"
She: "And you work at [Company]?
Me: "Um...yyeesss?"
She: "I'm Vicky!  I used to work in the cafeteria there!  Do you remember?"
Me (light bulb blazing now): "Yes, of course I remember you!  How are you?"
It turns out that the house was her parent's house and it was her father that made the cabinet!  So not only did God "tell" me to stop there, I knew them (in a round-about way), too! 
Again, perfectly perfect.
It was very good to see Vicky again; she was always very sweet to me and we got along just fine when she was cooking for us!  No one ever had a bad thing to say about her!
When Hubby and I went back later to pick up the cabinet, everyone was introduced all around and we got to meet Vicky's father and the nice smiling lady whom I had originally encountered was Vicky's mother.  Go figure.
The cabinet is now in our kitchen, cleaned and shined and perfectly happy in its new home. 
Ah - I love how some things just work out, don't you?


Anonymous said...

(cough) It fit in the WAGON. yehaw!

yourlonglostsister said...

That is so awesome... I love those moments!

Jaz said...

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