Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Monday That Is Really A Tuesday -OR- A Tuesday That Feels Like A Monday

Breathe in.
Breathe out.
One step at a time.
You can make it!
Can I just say that getting through the first day of work after some extended time off (4 days, in this case) is really super hard?  Imagine how hard it will be after being off for 10 days in October when we go to St. Augustine, FL?
How did I (we) spend my (our) weekend?
  • I was given a special day off as a thank you for all the hard work I did on the JDPA re-certification in January.  Shocking to me, that my boss would say, "Take tomorrow off.  You deserve it."  Most welcome to me, of course.
  • I brought the kids with me to Home Depot for a few needed items to make a bird bath.
  • I spent a couple hours in the back yard drilling and tiling while the kids played around me, occasionally coming over to see what I was doing.  Every now and then I had to stop to catch a Frisbee or rescue someone who was "stuck in the mud" or some such nonsense.  It was fun.
  • Little Bit fell - face first - into the doorway in our living room.  She put a tooth through her lower lip, bruised the side of her nose and upper lip, and bled all over the place.  SCARED ME TO DEATH!  Mostly because there was so much blood I couldn't tell what was bleeding and she was screaming and didn't want me to look.  When I finally convinced her I was trying to help make it better, she settled down and I was able to get everything cleaned up.  Her lip was purple and bruised and cut, but no damage to teeth that I can see.  By Monday you could hardly tell.  Resilient, that one.
  • I don't remember what else we did.
  • We went back to Home Depot for a few more needed items for the bird bath.
  • We had a picnic in the back yard for lunch.  PB&J sandwiches...ants and all!  (No, we did not eat the ants.  That would be too traumatic for the kids!)
  • We played in the back yard A LOT!
  • We did a few other things...I don't really remember what.
  • Church.  I taught Sunday School and had a breakthrough with one of my kids which truly made my heart warm.  She is a sullen 7 year old (rising 3rd grader) who has barely said a word in the entire year I've been teaching her.  She is somewhat of a loner and always brings a bag of toys or "attention keepers" for church service so she doesn't get bored.  I said, "[Girl], you're going into 3rd grade this Fall, aren't you?" - She responded, "Yes!"  - I said, "Well, you know you'll be moving into a different Sunday School class so I won't get to see you ever Sunday anymore!" - She said, with much enthusiasm, "OH!  That's no good!  I'll have to come back to visit or for a hug or something because you're my favorite teacher!"  Can you feel my heart swelling and the lump rising in my throat?  Sigh.
  • Lunch.
  • Rain.
  • I really don't remember what else we did.  Lots of kid-friendly activities.
  • More bird bath.
  • Memorial Day.  I thought of several family members that day.
  • Little Bit dressed up.  She went into the kitchen to show her daddy how pretty she was and he exclaimed, "Oh - what a pretty princess we have here!"  She said, "No, Daddy - I a ballerina!"
  • We talked to Gammy on the phone and Little Bit told her, "It's a bootiful day, Gammy!"
  • We had real beef hamburgers, thanks to Bobby Flay and his Grill It series on the Food Network.  I couldn't stand it and said, "Hm...that looks awfully good!"  Hubby said, "I'll be right back!" and immediately left for the grocery store.  They were the BEST HAMBURGERS I'VE EVER HAD!  Of course, it could just be the fact that I haven't had beef in 14 months.
  • We went to some friends' house for a while after dinner for socialization and visitation.  You would never have even known Kiddo was there because he spent the entire time in the boys' room being good.  Little Bit eventually got tired and somewhat cranky so we left.  A good time was had by all.
Oh - and at some point, and I don't remember which day, we went to a local RV Park to visit some friends who were "vacationing" there for the holiday weekend!  That was lots of fun, too! Camper, picnic, pool, playground...  And Little Bit has the blisters to prove it!
PS: There should be 2 pictures.  1 of Little Bit in her Princess/Ballerina outfit and 1 of the bird bath I made.

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Karrie said...

Look at her in her dress!! she looks soooo adorable! Love the bird bath too! sounds like a great weekend. Hope things are good. TTYL