Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet Justice!

I was driving to work this morning, past my lovely, misty lake - going about 1 mile under the speed limit (I know this because one of the police department's mobile speed meter displays was parked on the side of the road and told me I was going 44 MPH) when a late 90's model gray Mazda Protege was suddenly riding my bumper.
Knowing how the police officers like this particular stretch of road, I opted to continue on my merry way, cruise control set for my current speed of 44 MPH.  Though my head was still fuzzy from the Benedryl I'd taken last night, I was awake and driving with caution; smiling at the gray car behind me as I could see through my rear-view-mirror that the driver was getting increasingly frustrated at his inability to go faster.
Finally, near the end of this particular road, Mr. Mazda whizzed around me - only to get stuck behind a large white suburban towing a trailer with lawn mowing equipment!  HA!
I kept going, now watching Mr. Mazda's rear end.  Mr. Mazda was gesticulating wildly in frustration.  I was laughing.  I wonder where he was headed in such a hurry?
Then, as I turned right at the light onto another lovely road on my way to the office, Mr. Suburban got in behind a semi-truck!  So the line up was now: Mr. Semi, Mr. Suburban, Mr. Mazda, Me.
Mr. Mazda got really far, didn't he?
Later, when we got on the 4 lane, Mr. Mazda took off like a bat outta you-know-where and I hope he got pulled over.  He had to have been going 70 in a 45 zone!

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tennswede said...

That's funny, I have had instances when I've been that busy myself, kind of make me look like a fool afterwards. Btw, lawn mower now working.