Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Boss

My boss is a goofball.
He's wonderful.
The other day, my boss asked me to order a digital camera for our department; one he'd already chosen, so I had no part in the decision.  The purpose?  So we don't have to track down another department's camera if we need to take pictures of something, for whatever reason.  And, (I hate using "and" at the beginning of a sentence - but it works here, I suppose.) because having our own department camera meant that I don't have to worry about bringing my personal camera every day - just in case.  (Though mine is a better camera.)
So yesterday, the new camera came in.  It's lovely.  Sleek and black and shiny and lots of bells and whistles.  It has the same functions as mine, they're just in different places.  It looks like a regular 35mm camera, with a neck strap and a lens cap (etc...) but it is only 10 mega pixels; mine, by comparison, is 12 mega pixels.  I think that the other cameras (the ones in different departments) are only 8MPs, but I could be wrong.
Anyway - I spent about 30 minutes playing with the new, fancy camera; getting to know it like one might get to know a new friend.  I'll say it again: It's lovely.
I walked into my boss's office and said, "Say Cheese!"
This is the picture I got!  (Man, I do hope it comes through!  This post will be totally worthless if it doesn't!)
Like I said, my boss is a goofball.
I love working for him.  That's not sarcasm - that's the God's honest truth.
(Oh - and I hope he doesn't get upset if he sees this picture on my blog!  I don't think he would, I think he'd find it amusing - but I know how often people get into trouble for posting thoughts and pictures of work on their blogs.  I can't see how this post would get me into trouble, because it's completely positive and upbeat - nothing negative here at all - but I suppose this parenthesized paragraph is a disclaimer that will hopefully let me Get Out Of Jail Free, so-to-speak - should I need it.)


Chester's Mom said...

If you can't laugh at your boss, who can you laugh at? (Ooops! I think it's if you can't laugh at yourself............... but that's not near as funny of a comment to this post)

Glad you have a cool boss who doesn't take it ALL too seriously! Makes for a much better work environment-and more than likely more productive.

(Hope this helps your case!) ;0=)

tennswede said...

I know this man, I'm sure I have seen him somewhere, Oh! wait, he's my boss too.


Paulie said...

What a cheeseball! I'm liking this dude more and more. If he can randomly quote Caddyshack he's in!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a guy you more work with than for (if you catch my drift)

Those are the best kind to have. Not the careerist - they suck.

"Me me me me me me me me - but enough about me, ...what do you think about me?"

Tell him your "mr cranky-pants" uncle says he looks like a cool dude!

I like people who can quote monty python myself. The knights who say "NI" and "WE DEMAND A SHRUBERRY!"

Love and hugs from Merryland,

UB and AC