Monday, June 01, 2009

10 Things About ME!

I threatened last week to post a list of 10 random things about me...  Blase ( tells me that lists can be tricky - sometimes they work and other times they don't.  I'm gonna post this list anyway because since I already know I'm crazy, I might as well share some of my crazy with you, my beloved readers!
Without further ado...and in no particular order:
1) I hate wrinkles.  I'm not talking about the kind that show up on your face after a while, but the kind you get in the sheets on  your bed.  I really prefer the bed to be pin neat; military grade; bounce a quarter on it.  Ah...nothin' like climbing into a freshly made, wrinkle-free bed at night.
2) I'm OK with bananas in general, but I hate banana flavored stuff.  Banana pudding?  Forget it!  But for me to actually consume a banana, it has to be slightly green with no brown whatsoever. 
3) I still sleep with a "softie".  Hello, my name is Jennifer - I'm 35 years old and I still sleep with a woobie.  Of course, not every night!
4) I have crooked pinkie fingers.  Not broken, born.
5) Hair.  Face.  Body.  Shave (but only if there's time).  That's the order of business.  Don't mess with my routine!  (TMI?  Tough.)
6) I am organized and disorganized - all at the same time.  I confuse myself regularly.
7) I'm dyslexic.  Wait - did I spell that right?  Dog bless spell check!  And sometimes, when I'm typing, I type words completely backwards.  The becomes Eht.  And becomes Dna...  Whatever.
8) I don't like to wear a green top with brown pants.  It makes me feel like a tree.  Green on the bottom and brown on top, that's OK.  And, I don't mind the combination on other people...just not on me!
9) I'm addicted to chocolate/peppermint anything.
10) If I get up in the middle of the night...I always make my way into the kitchen for a small snack.  Small bowl of cereal.  Granola Bar.  Banana (yup, they're quick) or maybe even a cracker or two.


Allie said...

I slept with a stuffed bunny until I was 25. I only stopped b/c we got a dog and I was worried he'd get a hold of the bunny and then I'd hate him.

Blasé said...

#2 I like Cherry flavored eats, but don't like a Cherry, itself.

#8 If I ever catch you wearing that combination of colors...I'm having you ejected from the Blogosphere.

Actually, when I said 'List', I was referring to lists that are a 'Question and Answer' type list.

A simple list of things as you just did, is always a Winner.

Karrie said...

too funny. I love reading lists. You learn a little more about your blogger friends. I can't agree with the banana thing tho. I can't stand the smell of the them but that was only while I was pregnant and now I still can't stand them...LOL! funny how that happens