Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Just a little randomness...

I just spent a little over an hour blowing up (with helium - thank you very much) 60 some odd balloons.  Can I just say that my right thumb and the first and second fingers on my left hand hurt like the dickens?  My thumb is actually swollen!  I don't understand how folks who work at places like Party City do that all day every day.  I get to do it again tomorrow morning, and Thursday morning, and Friday morning...  God, I pray I don't have to do it again on Monday!  I had intended to do some crafting this weekend and if my fingers hurt then like they hurt now, there is no way I'll be able to make anything!
My friend Ms. Spice (as I'll call her - she'll know I'm talking about her) bought a couple of the button rings I've done and sent me a message last night to tell me how many compliments she's gotten on them!  I'm so thrilled that she's happy!  I was getting a bit upset that I hadn't sold any of them yet and was beginning to wonder if I should even continue with them.  But, even if they're not a hot seller, and there are so many other folks on Etsy making button rings much prettier and certainly more creatively than I am, I still do love doing it...so I'll continue.  I will just not focus on them; the cards are a lot more work, but I get much more satisfaction out of them.
Oh - and I will keep doing the bracelets, too, because though they take longer, they always seem to turn out really well!
I donated many of my rings and cards (the ones that are now missing from My Etsy site, if you've been paying attention) to our church as door prizes for a recent event we held there.  I haven't gotten any feedback on them, but I felt good doing it.  We did a "Spa Day" for some of the local women, both within the church and without, who needed a pick-me-up.  I was a "floater" though my name tag called me a "Spa Assistant" - that made me laugh out loud!  I kind of went in between all the stations and helped out where I was needed.  I helped clean up a mess in the Fellowship Hall when one of the Tea Party tables collapsed.  It literally just tore itself apart and fell over, dumping all its glass and china all over the floor.  Much ado later, there was a different table in place, decorated, and restocked with food and tea.  And, blessing of blessings, I didn't get injured by the glass!  If you'll recall I seem to have "incidents" with glass that I somehow cannot avoid!
I helped out in the nursery with child care, I worked some on the VBS banner, I helped take pictures of some of the spa attendees and get them printed on this nifty little printer thingy that spits out a pretty 4" x 6" picture.
Lots of other stuff, too.  Hubby was there doing massage, along with 2 student therapists.  I had one woman ask me (not knowing what my husband did for a living), "Are any of those massage folks licensed?"
I responded, "Yes, of course.  He's the one in the yellow shirt and he's been licensed since 1999!"
"How can you be sure?" she asked me. 
"Because he's my husband," I said, with a bright smile.
She looked slightly taken aback.  I'm not sure she believed me at first, but then I led her down to the area where the massage therapists were set up and was greeted by my husband in a very sweet way that proved I wasn't joking with her!
"Wow," she said.  "You must never be stressed out!"
Heh.  If she only knew!
Anyway - it's been a very busy weekend and a very busy week so far - and it's only Tuesday!

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