Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things I Want Tuesday

Taking my cue from Sass (http://thelifeofsass.blogspot.com) who does a "Things I Want Thursday" - I'm doing a "Things I Want Tuesday" - and yes, I'm stealing this idea, but I have a sneaking suspicion she won't mind.
And, mainly I'm doing this because I'm flat out of other ideas today.
  • I want to stop neglecting my blog.  I think since the IT Gurus at my office blocked all the "fun" stuff, which included my being able to blog from work, my blog has been sorely lacking.  True, I've managed to find my way around the "block" but I was always rearranging the layout and adding stuff to the format and thinking about new color schemes...  I can't do that now unless I do it from home; and who has time for that?
  • I want to make my house look like one of those show houses on HGTV.  Of course that would mean having enough money.  Talent and ideas?  Got those.  Money?  Don't got that.  So maybe my next want should be...
  • I want enough money to make my house look like one of those show houses on HGTV.  (See above.)
  • I want to figure out what is making Little Bit's backside so red all the time.  It's like she's got chronic diaper rash and she's miserable.  It breaks my heart. 
  • I want Kiddo to clean his room without me having to threaten him within an inch of his life.  Yes...I know...he's 5 - but if he doesn't learn now, when will he?
  • I want Rachel Ray's kitchen.  Just exactly like the one you see on her show.  Buttery yellow old-fashioned appliances, green tile back splash, orange cabinets and all.  LLOOOOVVVEEE it!
  • I want a vacation.  No, not Vacation Bible School...a REAL, honest-to-goodness, don't-have-to-do-anything-but-sit-by-the-ocean-reading-a-book-and-drinking-a-margarita-on-the-rocks-while-someone-else-watches-my-children vacation.  I keep repeating, "October...October...October..." and it's quickly becoming my mantra.  October is when we're headed to St. Augustine and it's just so darn far away.  October, not St. Augustine.  Of course that's kinda far away, too.
  • I want to have all my clothes clean themselves and then magically appear, folded to perfection or hanging sweetly in my dresser and closet.
  • I want my own closet.  I don't wanna share with Kiddo anymore!
  • I want a queen size bed frame.  Just the frame.  No headboard.  No foot board.  And I want to take down the broken four-poster bed and put it in the attic.  It's just too big for the room and it's broken to-boot.
  • I want a mental health day.

1 comment:

Sass said...

You're right...she doesn't mind.


In fact, she's quite flattered.

And would like a mental health day too.

Because then, maybe she'd stop referring to herself in the third person.

Wow. I'm seriously nuts.