Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Whole Lotta Nuffin' That Might Be Sumpin'

I'm struggling for content - as I'm sure most of you, my faithful and beloved readers, have figured out by now.
I don't feel well.  I haven't felt truly well for about a week.  It's Allergies.  That evil, invisible, imp keeps pumping pollen and dust and other irritants into my sinuses with no regard for the allergy medications I'm taking.  I'm having trouble breathing because of it and my asthma meds don't seem to be able to work through the allergies.  It's all one great big cycle of snot, sneezing and wheezing and I'm sick of it.  No pun intended.
I'm tired, too.  On Saturday - I got up and started getting the kids breakfast, felt a wave of ick and found myself back in bed less than an hour after rising.  I slept all morning.  Hubby graciously canceled all his plans for the day, though thankfully they did not include having to cancel any massage appointments because his wife was ill.  He was not scheduled to work that day.  God is good.
Instead, he only had to cancel his personal plan to go hit the "bone yard" as he calls it, to search for parts for one of the cars.  He thought maybe I and the children would like to go with him, but mucking around in a junk yard is not my idea of a fun Saturday so I'm almost thankful I felt so awful.
Sunday - I felt fine.  My energy was back, I didn't feel sick or dizzy or anything and we had a great day!
Then the allergies hit on Monday and I was so stuffed up, congested, and cotton-filled it was ridiculous!  Today is no better.  I'm puffy and swollen and sneezy and watery and all the rest of the yucky allergic symptoms.  I wonder what's setting me off?  Usually I'm fine on all my meds and have no problems - so something must be "getting through."
Anyway - not much else is going on, really.  We've got several birthdays this month that we need to acknowledge - willingly, of course.  We've got VBS next week.  I've got Summer Sunday School.  We've got a big to-do pending at the office (more details on that to come - but not until next month).  We just did a grand opening of the new cafeteria at the office (remember my post about blowing up balloons?)...
So it's busy.  It's no time for me to get sick.  'Cause that's how I feel...sick.
On another note, I'm stuck on this whole school thing.  I still REALLY want to go, and after doing some more research, it seems that ITT Tech has the most comprehensive program, but that's all online.  I'm not convinced.  I still have a VERY bad taste in my mouth from that whole kerfuffle a week or so ago.  It has almost turned me off to the whole idea of school, but I've had several of my friends comment that they are so pleased with my return to school and have been very encouraging and that has made me convinced it's the right decision; go back to school, get a degree, get a better job...
yadda yadda yadda
I have decided, however, to let Marilyn off the hook in helping me find another school, as she so kindly offered.  I don't think it's right to ask her.  If she pushes the issue, I might change my mind, but she won't; she has too much else to deal with that is WAY more important than my schooling.
I've got several friends who have offered their help and/or advice and I will probably take them up on it.  In the meantime, the search continues.  The biggest deciding factors are going to be money, scheduling, and program - in that order.


Karrie said...

I know how bad allergies can be...sometimes they are worse then a nasty cold. I hope you feel better soon and hope you find your way with school. It is not easy but you sound like you have a wonderful support system and in my eyes that will get you through anything! Good luck and take care.

Blasé said...

Awww..poor Thang!

I don't want to hear excuses...only results.

And yes, "God is good". Don't ever forget it.

Now get back to Blogging...

Anonymous said...


You'll figure it out. Maybe this was just not quite right for you.

Everything happens for a reason as AC would tell us right now!

I'd like to think we are part of your "support system" too.

Love to all,

UB and AC