Friday, June 05, 2009


Why does "good for you" stuff have to taste so terrible?
That being said, I think green tea tastes like filtered dirt water...anyone else agree or am I completely nuts?  Wait - we've established that I'm nuts so forget the last part of that question.
My "trying to be healthy lunch" today consisted of a 6oz Yoplait raspberry yogurt, 2 hard boiled eggs and a Styrofoam cup with instant raisins & spice oatmeal, all washed down with a hot cup of filtered dirt water.  Filling, if not particularly satisfying. 
Now if I can avoid my 3PM snack craving (for anything that the the word "diet" would frown upon) I'll be good.
I just have to figure out dinner.


G said...

Green tea is an acquired taste.

I usually drink it cold with flavoring.

And I usually drink it not so much for the health kick, but while I'm out walking, it does the job better than soda or coffee.

Lindsey said...

yea I agree, I like it cold usually with a citrus flavoring!