Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kiddo and Divine Intervention

OK - so it's been A LONG time since I posted anything of significance. I'm making no guarantees that this post will be significant...so proceed with caution. If you know me, this post could go either way - be a long rambling nothing about everything or a short snippet of something about something...whatever that "something" may be. Confused yet? LOL! **** Kiddo is still playing soccer and loving every second of it. He had a substitute coach last night who told me, "[Kiddo] is a real go-getter; he does a great job!" He's the smallest one on the team and everyone seems shocked when they find out that he's 5 1/2. "He's so small!" they exclaim. It really pisses me off. Yes - he is a little on the small side, but I know he's growing because he cannot wear the pants he wore just last winter! 2 inches of his ankle stick out the bottom and he looks goofy! I know he's growing because he's as tall now as our friend's almost-4-year-old daughter. Of course, she is quite tall for her age - but he's definitely caught up to her height. I measured (visually) on Sunday when we all had lunch together after church. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with him aside from being a little bit on the short side. And you know what? My little brother was a bit on the short side, too - and now he's 6' 2"!!! I have always been rail thin (until I got a secretarial job, got married, and had a couple-a-kids, that is) but Kiddo is a carbon-copy of me at that age. He looks like his daddy - but he's A LOT like me. So why does it tick me off so much when people who don't know us from Adam comment on how small he is? Because who cares how small he is!!! He's extremely smart, his vocabulary surpasses many high-schooler's these days, and he can run, jump and play with the best of them. These people should not have the power to anger me so badly - but they do. I want to whip around to face them and say, "Yeah? So what? He may be a bit on the small side, but I'll bet he could out think your child! You know - you have absolutely NO idea why he is the way he is and I'd also bet you have no idea how RUDE it is to comment on other's children. Oh yeah, and by the way - stop feeding your child junk food! She's too fat!" Ok - I've vented. That is directed to no one in particular, honestly - but those are some things I would so very much like to say to the next parent who comments on my son's smallness. Go ahead. I dare you! **** On another subject - I really, really like my new job! I heard a report on the radio the other day about the 15 million folks who are unemployed right now, some of whom have been unemployed since late last year, and I am considering myself extremely lucky, extremely blessed, to have not only found a job in about 3.5 weeks (how awesome is that?), but a job I like a lot. I was talking to someone the other day who credited me for that, saying that my skills and abilities must really have shone true in my interview. I will not take credit for it. Ok, maybe just a tiny bit - but really I credit God for this. I believe with all my heart that my finding this particular job, when I did, and as quickly as I did, was nothing less that Divine Intervention. I also believe - now that I'm passed being shocked and upset and angry - that losing my previous job was all part of His plan. The basic time line, as I understand it is something like this:
  • I lost my job on July 15th
  • I started looking in earnest the same day, not willing to sit back and wait - I needed to DO something and, after all, God helps those who help themselves.
  • A day later (according to very reliable sources) the Office Manager at the company I now work for was let go for multiple reasons, not the least of which being the fact that she had whittled her days down to 2 a week and this is definitely not a 2-day-a-week job!
  • The day after that, a friend at church emailed me and asked me to send her my resume stating that her husband wanted to give it to a friend. That friend turned out to be my new boss.
  • So about 3 weeks after emailing my resume to this friend, I get a call from my new boss asking me to come in for an interview.
  • I interviewed on a Wednesday and was called on Friday with a job offer.



What do you think?



G said...


Being in the right place at the right time is definitely a good thing.

Anonymous said...


I agree about the Devine Intervention! Your Aunt Cathy time and again would point out to me (the unbeliever) that the BIG GUY upstairs had a hand in this or that. Don't be silly I thought - he's got better things to do than worry about the tiny problems of nobody like me. ....or does he?

Love ya, UB