Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quick Update

I'm feeling kind of burned out right now. There's SO much to do and I barely have time to breathe anymore much less write in my beloved blog regularly. Oh, it's so neglected. I feel like such a bad mommy. Quick Update - before I have to run again...
  • Kiddo is learning to read. His teacher sent home a pack of little flash cards with "sight" words on them. ("a" "can" "the" "to" "like" "I") She made them herself and there are only 6 right now, but she's supposed to add a couple each week throughout the year. I'm supposed to quiz him every night on the words to make sure he's got them - and he's does, most definitely, have them. Kiddo and I also made little posters of the words and stuck them to his wall so he can see them every day. We'll add more when the teacher adds more.
  • Little Bit is potty training and doing very well. She's got a bit of a head-cold right now, but otherwise doing fine.
  • Hubby and I just celebrated or 9th Wedding Anniversary on September 16th. He sent me flowers at work, the sweet man.
  • We're in the market for another car...again. My Toyota is being crotchety so we're looking to replace it. No real rush, but I'll feel much better when we make a decision.

That's really about it right now. Hope everybody is well!


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